Monday, February 14, 2011

Chocolate Pie - The Final Product

Mitch came home tonight with a dry white wine and crab legs, and we feasted on them with steamed broccolini. Our paleo Valentine's dinner . . .

It was delicious! Mitch got the crab legs from Vis Seafood in downtown Bellingham (on James St.). It's one of our favorite places to get fish, especially crab legs, which we like to save for special occasions. After dinner, we dove into the pie.

I made a homemade whipped topping for the pie. Again, I love that standing mixer. It was very useful today. I bought chocolate chips at the store today (the kind that are a swirl of milk and white chocolate) and I chopped them up, leaving some pieces larger and the rest fine. I also had some chocolate sprinkles in my cupboard that I added to the mix.

I topped off the pie with the whipped topping and chocolate sprinkles.

It was pretty dang good. It was a little hard getting it out of the pan, which I attribute to the cookie crust. Maybe next time I attempt this type of crust with pie, I'll bake it in a springform pan. It's now in the freezer and I'm going to see what happens. I have a feeling this will be a delicious frozen pie. In the end, it received two thumbs up from my Valentine, so I was happy. 


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