Monday, February 14, 2011

Lovie Dovie Chocolate Pie Part One

My journey to the grocery store was quite eventful. That wind I was telling you about, well it was in full force. Four times on my trip I was actually knocked off the sidewalk and into the street/car/tree/puddle. That was fun. I told the woman at the check-stand of my troubles and she laughed. She filled my recycled grocery bag full of my goodies and told me how heavy it was, and that it would hopefully anchor me down on my walk home.

I got the kitchen cleaned up to start on the crust. The recipe I'm using is an oreo cookie crust and because of my windswept shopping trip I was hungry so I had an oreo. Or two.

The crust so far has been pretty easy. It's a simple cookie crumb and butter mix. Into the food processor until it turns to fine crumbs. Add butter so it looks like wet sand. Then onto the pie plate!

I had some help from my sous chef, Niki...

Pie crust is in the oven and so far it smells (two words - inside joke) AH-MAZING! I hope this turns out well. Once it's done it needs to cool and then I'm on to the rest of the pie.

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