Saturday, February 26, 2011

Technology Is Our Friend

This morning I was taking pictures for a future blog when my camera did something unexpected. I turned it on, and all of a sudden, the screen turned blue and flashed mystery numbers at me. Perplexed, I asked Mitch what this could possibly mean. He turned to me and said something along the lines of "What is your deal with electronics? You always have problems."

 Wait . . . what?

Ok, maybe he wasn't that harsh. But as a woman, the words I hear are translated to an extreme version. Anyways, to continue with my story, I am terrible with electronics. I might be the single person in my generation that can't figure them out. (Noted that I have a blog, but let me tell you, it still confuses me. Don't ask me how to post a comment, I can't explain it to you!) In the past my parents have called me to ask how to work their DVD player and I sit there with a blank stare . . . unable to help.


My troubles with technology began years ago, but let's talk about the most recent occurrences. My laptop for example. Don't ask me how, but I have broken the cord thing that gives it power twice now. In my defense, the laptop is an Eee Netbook and easily breakable since it is so small. Teeny tiny. Luckily buying new cords is easy and inexpensive so this one fault of my computer is somewhat excusable. Don't ask me why I can't keep it safe, I can't explain it to you.

Me when I first got that laptop. If it only knew what it was in for.

Now, I know, you're going to say that I am at fault here, though I have to put some of the blame on Niki who likes to get tangled in the cords and drag the laptop with him as he runs off. Oh that cat. He's a clumsy one.

Who, me?
Next on the list is my phone. I love my blackberry. I email and I facebook and I can do both of those things on my phone. Recently I found that I can check the pass reports and I will get a decent quality webcam image on my cell and it has made driving in the winter so much nicer. But at this moment I am wondering if my phone has a two year lifespan, as it seems to be hanging on it's last bits of life. Don't ask me why when I answer a call it goes straight to speaker phone for exactly four seconds, I can't explain it to you.

Now my camera. The one thing that I thought was simple. Point and click. No wait, it has a million different features that I can't figure out. Most of the time I have to ask Mitch how to do one thing or another. Or he gets it after I've been taking pictures all day and says "did you know that you've had ____ on all day?" Or "How come you have it set to ____?" Don't ask me how I made my camera make every picture inverted, I have no idea, I can't explain it to you.

So what is my point? My point is technology is our friend. Technology is what brings us new tools and methods to solve problems or serve some sort of purpose. The Paleolithic era people saw technology as stones and fire. The Neolithic era saw technology as axes and chisels. Eventually we had steel and iron.

It's funny how now we see the word "technology" as my silly little laptop and cellphone. But it's a beautiful thing and we need to embrace it.

That is . . . until robots take over the world. I know what's coming, and I saw it's beginnings on Jeopardy.

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