Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day - Live Blog

It's Valentine's Day! And since I spent so much time last night producing a blog about how great I am at healthy eating, I decided to make a pie. Yep, that's just how my mind works.

This fall I made my first real attempt at pie making. This equated to both success and failure. Luckily my husband is one of those who lies to me when I've made a catastrophic baking mistake and tells me that it tastes delicious, while carefully spitting the food into his napkin without my noticing. I have to say, though, I managed to make some insanely delicious pumpkin pies. I was able to produce a number of different pumpkin pie recipes, including those using whole, fresh sugar pie pumpkins. Yeah, that's right. Impressive.

No, that's not my pie. But it sure looks delicious!

But at this moment, I have no proof of my skill as I was too busy eating pie to take any pictures of the finished product. You'll have to ask the millions of people that I made pie for in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner at my parent's house in Wenatchee. I was determined to practice making the perfect pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner, but was conscious of what would happen if I were to eat every practice pie, and rounded up as many willing pie eaters as I could to take home a pie and taste it for me. This included a number of my husband's co-workers, who at the time started to give him grief if he showed up to work empty-handed.

The final word was my dad's, who I learned my wonderful taste for sweet food from. He gave the thumbs up on my Thanksgiving pie and I was happy. Yay!

I haven't made another pie since.

Now, it's Valentine's day, and even though I am still getting over my cold, I would like to give pie making another shot. I've been going over different recipe ideas and although a delicious lattice-top cherry pie sounds amazing, in light of the holiday I've chosen to make a chocolate cream pie. I'll wait while you finish your applause.
Again, not mine. But think of the possibilities! 

...Now, you're probably sitting there thinking I'm a crazy person for attempting to make my first ever chocolate cream pie on Valentine's day, but you just don't know me yet. I am determined and if it all fails... well, I live two blocks down from a bakery.

I've decided to blog about this throughout the day, as this is a feat that should be noted by all. I managed to pull myself out of bed, pick up the million tissues scattered about the room (and disinfect, don't worry), and steam in the hot shower. Now I'm feeling better and am ready to head to the store for ingredients.

My next step... hoping I make it to the store and back ALIVE as there seems to be a stage 5 hurricane outside my door.

To be continued...

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