Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Blue Bird Weekend

We decided on the last minute to head to Wenatchee for the long weekend. So far it's been full of ups and downs, but no regrets! So here's a little about my weekend so far . . .

It started with a trip over Steven's Pass. I have learned to love this drive after living in Utah for a year. Growing up, I hated it. Even when driving home and back while in college, this drive bored me to death and I wished it was shorter. But since I've been to the land of dirt and salty lakes I have come to appreciate how green Washington is. Especially this drive. And the view . . .

On our way here, though, we got stuck in traffic (no I don't have a picture, but I wish I did since that would help to explain the amount of traffic involved. About 5 minutes before we reached Index (not quite on the pass yet,) there was a terrible accident. It resulted in us parked in traffic for two hours. And it was the first time ever that I forgot to bring bottles of water and some sort of food. The funniest part of this was watching people leave their cars to go find a bush to pee behind. We saw people walking up the hiking trails, and we all knew they weren't looking for a quick excursion in the mountains. They weren't fooling anyone.

It was a long trip, but was worth it.

Saturday morning we woke up early and went skiing up at Mission Ridge Ski Resort. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was a great day for cruising.

Note the helmets. This was his first time wearing a helmet while skiing. 
I always need one.

The view was so clear that we could see Mt. Rainier from the top. I later directed a couple skiers from out of town to stop and take in the view. They were impressed.


I learned to ski at Mission Ridge and it was fun coming back and being able to tour a good portion of the mountain. Though I started there, I did most of my progress skiing in Utah.

I was able to ski each resort in the Cottonwood Canyons twice, which for a beginner like me was a lot of skiing in one year (also considering the prices!) But it was nice to be able to come back and ski with my in-laws. Hopefully I'll catch up to them someday!

My next goal is to find the best possible pie to make for my dad, who will be finishing up the Gold's Gym Challenge in a month or so and I want to reward him for his determination . . . with a pie. I know, that sounds all sorts of crooked and mean, but if I can make a delicious Flapper Pie for him (his request) we all will be very happy!

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  1. Unbelievable pictures! What camera are you using?


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