Monday, March 7, 2011

Anniversary Plantains

I have a new blogging buddy today.

Tesla took Niki's spot this morning when I sat down to blog. Unfortunately she is quite a bit more demanding than Nick, so I'm currently typing with one hand while the other scratches her belly. (Yes, she loves her belly scratched.) And if she notices this right hand free, she will grab it with her sharp-clawed paw and force it to scratch her lil face.Two years ago she wouldn't have snuggled like this, even if you had drugged her with a sedative. She'd fight you tooth and sharp, sharp nail.

Two years ago today, Mitch and I got married. We had been planning on getting married for a little less than two months by then. It had been a turbulent couple months since Mitch's company at the time wanted to temporarily move him to work on site at a refinery in Salt Lake City. It took a lot from us, but with the great job opportunity, he had to take it, so he had to go.

(My blogging buddy is giving me a break. Thank goodness!)

We were planning to get married sometime in June. But a couple weeks before Mitch was set to leave, we decided that we wanted to get married right then and there. So Monday morning I called my mom, and told her that we wanted to come to Wenatchee and get married that weekend. My mom, being the wonder woman that she is, had it all set up by the time we got there!

Our friends at Chateau Faire Le Pont Winery invited us to have our wedding there. My mom happened to know a local judge who was more than happy to meet us there and marry us.

And after, we had dinner at their restaurant, and a beautiful wedding cake made by the chef.

It was a beautiful ceremony that only included our parents but it was simple and perfect.

I just had to add this picture. My two favorite men!
A week later, Mitch moved to Utah.

In June, we had a reception up at Semiahmoo Resort so that all of our friends and family could celebrate with us.

And I got to wear the wedding dress that I purchased before our last minute wedding!

Last year, our first anniversary, we went to Mexico. Ooh that was nice. Remember when I daydreamed about going back?

This year, our anniversary celebrations are a little more low key. This morning I made one of our favorite dishes that we don't get to eat very often . . . fried Plantain!

For those of you that don't know, plantains are fruit similar to bananas. They are popular in South American cuisine.You can normally find them in the produce section with the more exotic fruits, near kiwis, mango, etc. They usually look something like this when you first get them . . .

Kinda like a really unripe banana. Very green!
You want to let this plantain sit on your counter for a few days (or weeks). Eventually it will change in color. Here's my plantain after a little over a week.

And eventually you will know your plantain is ready to cook when it looks like this. . . 

I had to find this picture of a plantain since mine didn't get as ripe as I wanted it to be. I would normally wait until it's ready (the blacker the better) but tomorrow we are starting our Elimination (Hypoallergenic) Diet, and since it's our anniversary I thought we'd start the day out with a treat!

To Make, you will need
- Ripe Plantain
- Cooking Oil
- A nice big skillet
- cutting board and small knife
- Salt
- Paper towels

On medium high, heat oil in a pan - enough to coat the bottom of the pan, plus a little more.

Cut off the two ends of the plantain. Then you will need to make a slice down the side of the skin. Don't cut all the way through the plantain, as you'll want to eventually cut the banana into circles.

Now chop that baby into little slices. Depending on your taste, you can chop thin slices for crispy pieces, or thicker slices for juicier bites.

You'll know the pan is ready when you dip a piece of plantain in the oil and it begins to bubble on the sides.

Cook the little suckers on their side until they are nice and brown. You'll want to keep a close eye on them so since they can go from perfectly browned to burned very quickly.

Make sure to rotate the plantains around the skillet so they are all equally cooked.

To the side, set up a plate with a couple paper towels to place the plantains on after they've cooked. I like to dab them off with the towels to soak up some of the grease.

Sprinkle with a little bit of salt and they are ready to eat!

What a great way to start out our anniversary day!

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