Monday, March 21, 2011

Apples Apples Apples

To lighten things up after yesterday's mournful blog, let me show you some pictures of my exciting evening.

Remember how I asked someone to buy me a salad spinner? I needed one to make greenie foods, like my delicious kale chips! Well guess what Mama bought me this weekend?

Yep, you guessed it! And you have no idea how happy I am now! Can one truly be happy to have a salad spinner? Well this girl can! *points thumbs toward self*

And Tesla was happy to have a new cardboard box to play in/chew up.

Also, our trip home yesterday was a wild one. Niki does not like traveling. Tesla grew up with me driving her around all the time, so she's used to riding in the car. She actually is a pro at riding on my lap while Mitch drives. But not Niki. He sits in his crate and shouts at us the whole 3+ hours. So when we got home he was definitely happy.

During all the excitement, he was no where to be found. So I walked in the bedroom and found him like this...

He was pooped.

Eventually he came to and snuggled a bit while we watched Big Love. Anyone else sad that it's over?

But the highlight of the night was our use of apples!


Yeah you better believe it. This elimination diet has made me starving for something new. Hopefully I won't get sick of apples any time soon, since they have become a staple in my diet.

The other day I found 100% applesauce at the store. No added anything. We thought, "hey we could easily make that!" . . . So we did.

It started with a big bag of organic apples. Preferably ones that have good flavor but have gone a little mushy. I guess you could take the skins off the apples, but because they have so many nutrients in them and they add texture and flavor, we kept them on.

Core those apples! For some reason, I think core-ing apples is good fun. Don't ask me why.

After you core the apples, chop them up into eight pieces. You want the apple chunks to all be about the same size so they cook at the same time.


Throw the apples in a big pot with a bit of apple juice. Cook on medium/high heat until they're starting to fall apart a bit. You want 'em nice and soft.

Then throw those babies in the food processor. Add some cinnamon if you'd like!

Process the apples to your taste. We wanted it really smooth so we let it mix for quite a while.

I keep testing it to make sure it's the consistency that I want.

Be careful while you pour it all back into your pot - trust me, it's hot.

But it's delicious!

Let it cool in the pot over night. And this morning we have a delicious applesauce. Perfectly Paleo and fits in the Elimination Diet!

Dessert anyone?

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