Friday, March 25, 2011

Breakfast For The Elimination

Breakfasts have been especially difficult while on this elimination diet. In the morning, most people go for cereal, eggs, oatmeal, etc. So one big hurdle I think many people have with this diet plan is what to eat for breakfast.

Me? I've been known to go off my paleo eating and snack on some cereal, but normally I would eat fruit and leftovers for breakfast. Meatballs from dinner last night? Perfect breakfast! Roasted Sweet potatoes left over? YUM! Of course, a favorite is eggs and some sort of breakfast meat. Delish. Whatever we have in our kitchen that will give me enough energy to get through the day is perfect for my breakfast.

This morning? My breakfast consisted of left over chicken breast and brown rice.

Sounds plain and bland, huh?

Well you're WRONG!

It was delicious.

Mitch and I had a conversation about this the other day. It's interesting that with this diet, subtle flavors have become more enticing. People often have so much flavoring on our foods that the idea of eating plain chicken and rice with nothing extra seems so boring. Perhaps this elimination diet has changed how food tastes!

Other breakfast ideas?

A little while back, Mitch cooked up some toasted quinoa. For breakfast we added some cooked apples and flax seed.

More recently, though, he's been making his quinoa with coconut milk instead of water. It turns the quinoa into more of a creamy texture and adding raisins and apples makes a perfect breakfast!

Coconut oil is also a great tool to use for cooking for breakfast. Last week I made a pan of sweet potatoes and other veggies and instead of cooking with olive oil I used coconut oil. The coconut oil adds a sweetness that makes it great for the morning.

Our applesauce makes a great light breakfast as well, for those people who might not be used to eating much in the morning (though you should change that habit! . . . although who am I to talk? I snack throughout the day.)

And as for leftovers? Well it still works for me!

This might not look appetizing to you, but that's just because it's a big mash of leftovers. Earlier this week I mixed together some wild rice, adzuki beans and some curry chicken that we had made the night before. It worked! I was able to go to the gym and have a serious work out with plenty of energy.

With this plan, you have to be really creative about what you eat. Adzuki beans and brown rice alone could only get me so far. Adding some chicken and switching things up every couple days helps to keep from getting too used to one thing.

Now my belly is smiling and I'm ready for the day! Here I come, Day! Just look out!

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