Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Elimination Diet Phase 1

From everything I've heard and read (and figured out for my self) starting this diet is hard. No... difficult. No... seemingly impossible. OK, whatever. It's a tough job. But I've gotta do it!

Normally there are three phases and a challenge phase, but since I am altering the diet to fit my lifestyle and the way my brain works, I've split it up into more phases than that. I am still following the basic food lists fairly closely and if you are interested you can check out some of the links I've given on the Elimination Diet page, but I'm just adjusting things a bit for myself.

Sarah, stop tempting me with spaghetti and meatballs!

The first phase normally lasts two weeks, but I've split it up in two phases, one week each. The first week is very strict: basically just rice, vegetables and some fruit. The second week I'll add wild salmon and organic grass fed chicken to the mix. This is particularly important for me since my body needs more protein than the Average Joe, and I am starting my personal training regularly this week so I need to have energy to burn. But I will get into that more in the next phase.

Here's what my Phase 1 food list looks like . . .

Brown rice
Wild rice
Brussels Sprouts
Winter Squash
Sweet Potatoes
Coconut Milk
Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Agave Nectar
Maple Syrup

I'm not going to bother you with the "Don't Eat" food list, mainly because it confuses me and then just makes me angry (and hungry). This is a pretty bare list, and it's hard to figure out how to stick to it, but it can be done! In my mind, if I have a list of foods I CAN eat, I can easily come up with meal ideas. That's just me personally.


One thing I have some issues with is eating rice. I don't eat rice at all since I've been following the Paleo Diet. But I've had to get over that since it's going to be one of my main sources of food for the next few weeks. The Elimination Diet also normally cuts out all meat until the challenge phase which I'm not too keen on (also from my thoughts about the Paleo lifestyle). So like I said, I will cut out all meats except for salmon and chicken (as long as I can find it) until the end. That will be tough.

Toasting quinoa before cooking it.

Another thing that's just not happening for me is the two day "cleanse". In my opinion, the first two weeks are the kind of cleanse that I'm OK with, and I'm not about to do some sort of smoothie thing. Not now at least.

OH, and ANOTHER thing is the no caffeine! Mitch has been feeling the lack of caffeine at work the last two days and I feel it too. We're both used to drinking tea and coffee and unless it's an herbal tea, it's a no-no. Ouch.

I love drinking herbal tea at night, so we bought some more to drink during the day as well.

Anyway, back to the diet. my first dinner consisted of short grain brown rice and broccoli. During the day I snacked on dried apples and apricots, carrots and toasted pumpkin seeds. So I was happy when dinner time rolled around and we made enough rice to last a couple days.

Day 2 was tough. Rice for breakfast was not exactly thrilling but it was filling (hehe). Again, most of the same snacks as day one, but I ate some grapes too. And then for dinner we had roasted sweet potatoes, carrots and onions. From the way things are starting out, it'll be hard NOT to lose weight.

Beautiful bunch-o-grapes!

My biggest conflict now is my first real training session is tomorrow morning and I need to make sure I have plenty of energy to handle it. My worry is that I haven't had enough protein, but I'm attempting a fix - I'm preparing quinoa tonight so that I can have it tomorrow for breakfast. Supposedly it is a complete protein so I'm hoping that it will give me the energy I need to get some serious working-out in.

 Here is Mitch toasting the quinoa with a little bit of coconut oil. It smells amazing! Yum!

The rest of my week's meals are going to look pretty much the same as the first two days, with the addition of things like kale and spinach. (Suuuuuper Foooooood!)

Two beautiful bouquets! My anniversary flowers from Mitch 
and a bowl of organic spinach and kale!

Please eat a giant steak for me!

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