Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On A Cold, Rainy Day

It's Wednesday, and that means it's Favorites Day! (I know, I only did a Favorites Day once before, but hey give me a break! Wednesdays always sneak up on me!) And today is a crummy day so . . .

On a cold, rainy day like today, my favorite thing to do is curl up with my kitties and a good book.

After my months of being stuck at the house with arthritis in my knees (and at the time, no internet or television since we had just moved in and were waiting to see how long we could go without!) I turned to books for my entertainment. But with books being my ONLY entertainment, I went through them really quickly.

Thus, Mitch's x-mas present to me was an Amazon Kindle! (Another favorite!)

I love this thing. It's light weight and fits easily in my purse so I take it pretty much everywhere with me. Now the next time I'm stuck on the couch for however long, I will have an entire library at my fingertips!

Another thing I love on a rainy day? . . .

A cup of delicious tea! There is a place near Mitch's office called The Spice Hut that sells all sorts of loose leaf teas and every now and then Mitch will come home with a new tea for me to try out. These are exciting days! Most recently he brought a tea that smells like caramel apples. YUM!

And while Tesla and I are snuggled in bed, reading a book and drinking tea . . .

Niki chooses to watch television.

At least he's watching the food network. Maybe he'll finally start pulling his weight and make dinner for once.

Oh and talking about the cats, that cat grass is growing like crazy. I'm not sure why it's so interesting to me. Maybe because I've never actually been able to grow anything correctly. Granted I think it would be hard to mess up cat grass, but hey!

See it in the window of my first picture? That was this last Saturday.

This last one is from this morning.

Cool huh?

Alright, I promise I won't blog about cat grass anymore. This will be the last one!

Let's hear some of your favorites!

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