Thursday, March 24, 2011

Post-Workout Chicken Feast

Two blog entries in one day? This must be a special one.

Oh it is!

Little Homemaker Lyda made a delicious Roasted Lemon Chicken!


And it turned out perfect.

I swear!

It was crispy, moist, delicious, all good things that roasted chicken should be!

I'm still in awe of this chicken. How did I turn out such a great meal on my first try? It was all luck!

Mitch did you think I would have ever made a roasted chicken from scratch before?

Maybe that you would buy a roasted chicken from the store.

Obviously you didn't marry me for my cooking skills

I knew you had potential! 

Thanks Mitch.

Alright, so how did I do this? I'm still trying to figure it out. Well, I started with a chicken that I asked Mitch to bring home the other day.

What a cute little chicken.

First thing to do is to take the gizzards and all the funky stuff out from the middle. Disclaimer to any readers out there that might be vegetarian/vegan and grossed out by meat.

Yeah I took a picture of it. Yum

I knew I wanted to make a lemon chicken, so I used the most amazing olive oil to coat this baby.

I gave this girl a nice lemon olive oil massage. Then went on to the spices.

I used a big mix of a bunch of different things in my cupboards, including pepper, garlic salt, herbs de provence, oregano, etc.

From the advice of multiple blogs out there, I made sure to season this thing really well. Made sure to get all sides and all the corners and insides.

I remembered my lemon on the other side of the counter. I cut it in half and used my lemon squeezer again on this chicken. I probably should have used this before adding my seasonings, but I made sure that it all was patted on nicely.

I threw some thin lemon slices on it to make it look pretty (ha! yeah there's part of me that will never go away, no matter how much I cook and bake and clean!)

The chicken went in the oven at 375 degrees. Some bloggers liked to place the chicken on a rack, some didn't. I chose to use a rack, just because it was my first chicken and I wanted it to be super crispy on the outside.

Also, a lot of blogs differed slightly about cooking times. It was usually somewhere around 2 to 3 hours. We based it on our thermometer. Maybe it was the size of the chicken, maybe it was our oven, but it was done after about 2 hours.

I'm still in shock looking at these pictures. I MADE THAT! Yeah! It was crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, everything a chicken is supposed to be like.

We made a feast of it with sweet potatoes and an amazing salad with an olive oil and lime dressing.

And you better believe we feasted.

Oh we feasted big time.

We're saving every bit of this chicken beast. We're gonna eat all we can and then I'll make a broth out of the extras. Oh yeah baby!

I'll be sleeping well with a full belly tonight!

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  1. It worked well as as a pre-workout chicken feast, too!


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