Sunday, March 13, 2011

When Mr Clark Is Away . . .

We're all sad.

Well, we're not crying our eyes out necessarily, but it's been a gloomy night.

Mitch had to go to Prince George, BC for work today. His flight left from Vancouver earlier this evening and he returns tomorrow night. A quick back and forth trip. But still, no one likes it when he's gone!

Especially Tesla.

She's all tuckered out now. In fact, she's been sleeping ever since he left. When Mitch brought in his duffel bag with his hard hat, cover-alls, and steel-toed boots, she couldn't get over it.

She was determined not to let Mitch leave without her.

When I finally managed to finish packing him up, she made sure that he would not be able to leave without noticing her.

Let me remind you, his steel-toed boots and hard hat are in that bag.

I had to pry her off of the suitcase and tempt her with an even bigger bed that I padded with extra blankets. And she has not moved from that spot . . . oh wait . . . right up until this very second.

Niki was pretty upset as well, hiding his face in the couch.

And me? Well, let's just say with this crazy wind storm we've had tonight, I'm only remembering the very first night I was alone after Mitch moved down to Utah. 

It was really windy, and the deck off our bedroom was making unsettling noises. Baby Tesla was hiding under the covers by my feet and I didn't get much sleep. I also locked my bedroom door and brought his hockey stick out from the closet. (Yeah, I was a little paranoid.) 

Déjà vu in this case isn't all that fun. But at least Tesla and I have another man in the house to protect us this time around . . . 

. . . Oh, never mind!

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