Thursday, April 28, 2011

The End Is Near

We're coming up on the end of the diet and that means the biggest challenges. And by biggest challenges, I mean the last things you add in are the big guys. The ones that really have the stuff that could cause a reaction. For me anyways.

It's common for gluten, eggs, and dairy to be connected with arthritis and joint pain. And those are the three big guys I talk about. Corn also has a place in this phase. As do others. Here's the full Final Challenge Phase list:

- gluten grains and their flours (wheat, spelt, kamut, rye, barley)
- oats
- millet
- bread
- yeast
- dairy products
- eggs
- corn

(This is a good website that explains more about food allergies and this diet. Check it out. It probably explains the whole thing better than I ever would.)

Nourishing Meals says that by this time in the diet most people are feeling so fantastic that they don't even want to add these foods at all. Well, I'm not most people. I wanted to give it a try, and I was especially missing pancakes for breakfast. And baked goods of many sorts.

The perfect pancake. Oh that's beautiful. It's been so long.

With the end of the diet and adding the final foods, it's recommended that you space the food out as long as you can. Reactions could be delayed and it's important to keep a close eye on your body during the time when you add these foods. (Though don't ask me what millet is. Wait . . . I'll Google it. Oh. Ok I'm good.)

This part of the diet has been especially hard for me. You're so close to the end! You can see it! You can smell the bacon cheese burgers and corned beef and hash! But you're not there yet. You still have a few more steps up the ladder to take.

When can I finally eat a piece of Boston cream pie or a strawberry crêpe with cream cheese and drizzled with white chocolate? Not yet. Those come after it's all over, if you can manage them.

So what have I ruled out? So far bread seems to be fine. Want to know how I figured this out? Well I didn't exactly follow the rules.

Mitch bought me a loaf of sourdough bread. And I ate it. I ate the whole thing. Ok, Mitch helped with some of it, but I take credit for that baby. It was beautiful. And delicious.

The diet recommends that you eat everything separately first. So you have to test gluten first, then yeast, etc. I just went all out and ate a loaf of bread. I hope the Elimination Diet police don't come for me. But my perspective was - if I have a reaction to the bread, then I will go back and cleanse, and then test each thing separately.

Excuse me a moment while I go wrangle Tesla - she's going crazy this morning and I heard crashing in the bathroom.

Another thing I can check off the list. Dairy. Well . . . let me take that back. The jury is still out on Dairy. I've had a little more pain than usual when I have had dairy but I really haven't had much yet. It's only been a scoop of gelato here, a miniscule amount of butter there. Really nothing huge. (By the way - that photo above is from the gelato place next door, and the gelato on top is an avocado cream flavor. It was AH-MAZING!)

Funny how Easter came and went and I didn't eat one egg. 

So what now? 

Power through it! 

I've come so far I can't quit now.

Yeah I might be taking a faster pace through it than usual. And I might not be doing everything perfectly. But that's just me, I guess!

Soon I will end this journey with a final overview of the diet. What have I taken out of this experience, what kind of outcome did I have, etc. I'm sure the anticipation is killing you.

Stay tuned.

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