Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashion Favorites

It's Friday, let's share some favorites!

Let's share some FASHION favorites!

For our anniversary, my husband bought me a gift card to my favorite boutique shop in town. If I could have a shopping spree of my choice, I would shop for dresses and shoes. I love me some cute clothes!

I know I don't often talk about things like . . . clothes. But I'm a girl. I love clothes. Want some insight on my life? Shop with me.

Online shopping can help me pass the day and get an idea of what new fashion statements are being made in the world. Here are some absolute favorites lately . . .

This chick Jessica Hart rocking an awesome bun hair-do.

I can't get enough of the floral trend. Miu Miu's Fall 2011 Runway.

Detailed patterns and fabrics caught my eye from the Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 Runway Show.

Thank you Valenino for finally embracing nude colors and pale skin. 
Self tanner can be too much to keep up with for me!

Singer Nicki Minaj rocking the bright makeup trend. 
Can't wait to go out and try this fuchsia lip stick!

Just found these shoes this morning. Made for the National Hunt Festival in Cheltenham.
I want a pair!

And thanks to the soon-to-be princess for introducing the small hat fad to America.
ModCloth is now selling this cute fashion statement headband. 

Thank you to and for supplying me with my fashion needs!

And happy April Fool's Day!



  1. I don't know, the hoof boots are pretty cool. I'd wear them to an Amon Amarth concert.

  2. The hoof boots kind of scare me. I'm pretty sure I saw them in a really bad dream I once had.


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