Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fashion Not In Focus

This past weekend, along with shopping till we dropped, I went with my mom to a hair show. My first hair show. It might be my last, but I was so entertained that I might want to return someday.

It was one of the most bizarre experiences I've ever had. I was curious what it would be like, since my mother wasn't exactly thrilled about it. She had certain goals of her trip to the show, mostly involving purchasing a new set of straightening irons, and possibly checking out some new products. But other than that, she wasn't 100% clear on what it would be like. 

(Almost all of these pictures are blurry. That's because I had to be discrete about my photo taking. Or maybe it's my special way of trying to hide these people's identities. So please try not to puke while trying to figure out what the picture is of.)

I guess she knew I needed to see it for myself. It's not something that is simple to describe.

The shows going on were fine. I got it. The hair dressers from each group showing off their new styles, techniques, products, etc. That all made sense.

But the spectators . . .

. . . they were a different species.

Women had hair extensions that matched their clothing . . .  they wore tights instead of pants and animal print everything . . .

Models who were already 6 feet tall were wearing 6 inch stilettos . . . no wonder they wouldn't move out of the walkway, if they fell they'd probably crush at least ten people at once. 

I wore birkenstocks. Dang, that's sexy.

And the elbowing . . . oh the elbowing!! If you were in someone's way you better be prepared to get elbowed in the gut. Or the face. I'm a small girl! There were at least five different times that I got swept away in a crowd and was separated from my mother. It took everything I had to not fall on the ground and cry . . . I was too afraid to be near those stilettos.

I wouldn't let them wax my eyebrows with all the pushing and shoving going on around me.

I tried to take pictures when I was in the middle of a mob-like crowd, but the pictures ended up looking like an even bigger blur than all my other pictures combined. Most likely the pictures where taken mid-elbowing.

Mom don't leave me!

But so much of it was funny and entertaining. Like the product for men that my mother pointed out to me . . . called "WOODY'S for men"

Ah . . . I got a good laugh out of that.

Also got a good laugh out of this hair dresser's pants. My mom was a fan of them. I was a fan of the wide stance. I guess it's how you stay extra manly. Hilarious.

The event was supposed to show  "the spring fashion trends and styles that will be seen throughout the year in the United States." Hmm . . . that sounds interesting! I want to see that!

"The show offers interactive presentations by top international platform artists and features four of the beauty industry’s most inspiring and engaging speakers in over 51,000 square feet featuring some of the latest salon d├ęcor and equipment, free customized seminars." 

Doesn't that sound amazing? I read that on this websiteI'm not sure what the other viewers of the show got out of the whole thing, but I hope it taught them a little more about the difference between classy and trashy.

Ouch, was that harsh? I don't normally slam insults at people on my blog. It's not something I'm proud of. But if these hairdressers' styles weren't a joke, well . . . I have no response. Only that I will not be letting any of them touch my hair any time soon.

Because I might end up like this . . .

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