Monday, April 18, 2011

Flakey/What's Going On With The Diet

I got a call from my husband today wondering if everything was ok.

Yeah, why?

You haven't blogged yet.

Ah, crap.

I've mentioned to you that when my jaw is hurting, I have a hard time functioning. I lose my appetite and my inability to converse. (Note: I can be known as the biggest flake ever, and sometimes it's true, but other times, well, I just can't answer that phone. Remember that for future phone calls.)

Funny enough, when I don't take my pain medicine, I not only lose my desire to talk but I also have a hard time finding motivation to blog. Well, motivation in general is pretty low with jaw pain. I know this because there is a pile of clothes in the dryer right now that needs to be folded. This was a very odd realization to make this morning.

This also reminds me of a recent realization that occurred through the challenge phase of my elimination diet. Let me explain . . .


With the addition of alcohol I found that I clench my teeth when I sleep after drinking. Yeah, odd I know, but what can I say? I'm a freak.

You could argue that maybe I have a reaction to the alcohol itself, but with my only pain afterwords in my jaw, I won't keep that talk going. I need my glass of wine, people!

So wine is a success! I have proof of that after my weekend with my mother, where we had two amazing bottles of wine over the course of two dinners.

This dark photo is us at Daniel's Broiler in Bellevue, ordering wine and beautiful, glorious steaks. I admit that red meat is nowhere to be found in the elimination diet. I assume they want you to keep it out. But there's no way I'm going to do that. Who cares about a bad jaw! I want some filet mignon! (Medium rare, please! Nice and easy to chew!)

In another note, I managed to get through an entire weekend of walking, shopping, eating steak and drinking wine without falling apart. My knees are still intact, thankfully.

What else have I found out that I'm fine with? A little sugar! I got me some Newman's Own Lemonade and downed that bad boy in a matter of days . . . yeah on my own. Mitch was impressed.

A little caffeine has been approved as well. I added soy milk (and then later Almond Milk at my friend Jennifer's suggestion) and joints are still going strong.

Let's talk about coffee and wine, though. Mitch and I have both found that after not drinking either for quite a while, our ability to drink a lot of either has completely changed. I love coffee, but now I can't have a cup without getting overly jittery. And alcohol . . . we both have a much lower tolerance for it now. Don't challenge us to a drinking game . . . we'll be out before you know it.

There are only a few more challenges with this diet to complete. The longer you can go in between each new addition the better. But that's a topic for another day.

And right now I'm going to avoid both the laundry, putting on actual clothes instead of sweatpants, and answering the phone.


Oh, alright, you can judge. I would too.

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