Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How To Spend A Beautiful Day

I had to . . . just HAD to write about the gorgeous weather we had a few days ago. It's been rainy on and off for a while now. Spring has been a fickle and I would prefer warmer weather but I'm not getting it. Luckily, when the sun does decide to come out and the temperature rises, we take full advantage of it.

And we definitely enjoy the beautiful place we live in. Who knows where life will take us, but right now we can't get enough of beautiful Bellingham. I've mentioned how much I love living by the water, right? Any kind of water.

The first day was beautiful. Mitch had his 40 hours in for the week so he got off work early. We went to a park, Lake Padden. Mitch had gone on a bike ride there a week before and wanted to take me on a walk there. And it was absolutely beautiful, but I gotta say, going for walks takes a lot. Is that sad? Those of you with RA understand, I'm sure. Between having all around low energy and nervousness about my knees, I have to really be in the mood for a hike.

But once I was out there . . . it was all worth it.


The walk was through the green forest around the lake. That's one of the things I love about Western Washington - it's so green! There are so many trees, it almost seems like the oxygen tastes better here. Breathing in the air is amazing and when you look at your surroundings and see how bright and colorful everything is, you really appreciate everything you have.


Afterwords I had to rest. That is one thing that is frustrating sometimes - the fact that I always have to take it easy. And I think it can be a hard thing for people to fully understand. I feel bad because my husband is such an outdoors-y person and loves to be active, and as much as I love to be active as well, I just have to take it slow. Sometimes it takes a lot for me to get up and going. But it almost always makes me feel great when I do!


Day Two took us to the local Farmers Market, which I had not been to yet this year. One thing I loved about living in Salt Lake City was that we lived across the street from a huge farmers market that went on every Saturday. It took place in a park that was a whole city block wide and the market filled the entire thing. The market here in Bellingham is a much smaller version, and I think they need to expand it because Bellingham soaks up that stuff. We love our locally made products and organic produce here!


After the market, we were feeling so good soaking up the sun without a cloud in the sky that we went to yet another lake! This time a little south of here to Lake Samish.


How beautiful is this?!

Don't you wish you lived on this lake? I do! I have house envy when I go there.


This time, Mitch and I took a blanket, some San Pellegrino Limonata drinks and our books and settled out on the dock at the park.


I'm reading the book Water For Elephants and so far I love it. I won't talk about how the part of the book where he talks about how frustrating getting old is because his body doesn't work the way he wishes it does I end up relating to. Yeah, I said I can relate to a 90 something year old man in a novel. Whatever.


But it's times like these where I truly enjoy life. How perfect is it that my husband and I can run off to a park with a dock on a beautiful lake, lay out in the sun and have the entire place to ourselves. We can talk and laugh and read our books for hours and have a perfect afternoon doing so. Nothing is better. Who cares about a little arthritis? Not me!

I'm fighting through it and living life as carefree as possible! Yep! Taking a moment for yourself to enjoy your life and your surroundings will be a liberating experience. Give it a try and let me know how you do!

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