Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Little Home

Today is a beautiful day!

This is a webcam image of Bellingham Bay that you can check out here. There's a gorgeous blue sky, a few puffy white clouds and lots of birds for the kitties to be entertained by. I have the window open right now and a fly just came inside . . . don't worry, the cats are currently hunting it. It won't be long before Tesla catches it and eats half, leaving the rest for me to pick up with a tissue later. Gross.

Moving on . . .

I love my little town. Especially on sunny days like this.

Ok, this picture was taken yesterday, and not today. But dang, girl! Look at that sky!

A few weeks ago, Mitch and I took some pictures of our neighborhood and since my surroundings put me in such a good mood, I've decided to share it with you! So here's a little tour for those of you who aren't from around here.

*Note that most of these pictures are from a cloudy day. Even when it's cloudy I love it here!

First off, as silly as it sounds, one of my favorite things about where I live right now is how close I am to my local market. That yellow-beige building straight ahead is the Fairhaven Market. My pharmacy is also in the market. Most of the people know me there, but I love that about it.

Some pictures of us chillin' outside of our building.

We also live within walking distance to the ocean. Bellingham Bay is pretty dang beautiful as you've seen from the webcam pic. I love living near the water. 
Mitch, remind me what this little area of water is called . . .

Back in town, is Fairhaven, which is a little sort of district in Bellingham, and our neighborhood. It is full of locally owned restaurants, little boutique shops, and amazing condos that I wish we owned. These pictures are from a top corner of the neighborhood looking in two different directions. You can see that water from here . . . if you look real hard.

On that corner is a bookstore called Village Books. They got a lot of business from me last summer when I first moved here and had my bad bout of knee swelling. I would hobble over there with my knees wrapped with ace bandages and shop for books to entertain me. Sure, I had to use the elevator to get up and down the stairs along with all the elderly people who seemed to be able to get around better than I was, but I didn't care. I had my big pile of books to read and for my birthday, I got a special discount and an ice cream. Heck yeah!

Across the street is Fairhaven Runners which is a great store to buy running shoes and other athletic . . .stuff. They are pretty serious about their runners here, and about getting them set up with the right shoes. Someday I'll write a whole blog about how crazy in love Bellingham is with runners. They're all over the place. Every weekend there is some sort of marathon run. No joke. 

Also on this street is Pacific Chef, an adorable little store that sells kitchen supplies. They also have cooking classes, but I have never been to one. They have a cutting board there that I would like to have. If you would like to buy it for me I could start a registry. 

Across the corner in that building that says it should be a bank is one of the great boutiques in Fairhaven, Three French Hens. (Their website's intro is cool.) When I first moved to Bellingham my mom bought me a little frog lamp from there . . . and I still have it by my bed. Coolest thing ever.

From there, you can look up the street at some more great stuff. On the corner is 12th Street Shoes and a little further up the street is a yummy Thai restaurant, On Rice, which I haven't been to in a long time. Hey, Mitch, I could use some panang curry. 

Across the street is Gallery West, where we'll often go to peruse local artists' works. Unfortunately Mitch and I sometimes have very opposite opinions of what type of art pieces we like, but oh well. It's a nice place. 

Yeah, I took a picture while I was in the middle of crossing the street. Luckily I was only almost ran over. But check it out! Water!

Mambo Italiano, an Italian restaurant that when you walk by, you can't help but crave bread and pasta. Across the street from that restaurant is . . . 

The Big Fat Fish Company! This is one of our favorite places to go when we want a night out. They have a great happy hour and a totally awesome bartender. They have a couple of great bartenders there actually, and yes, they know us. We have our own table in the bar. Go there for appetizers and a Tom Collins and you've got yourself a good night. Watch the bartenders mix drinks . . .they pour very well.

On the opposite corner is the Fairhaven Pharmacy. I've only been in there once, but I thought I should add it to the blog since it's a kind of Fairhaven landmark. It's been there for years. Pretty cool.

Oh look, a VW bus with a bike and a dashboard hula girl inside. Pretty typical Fairhaven/Bellingham.

And we're back at the Three French Hens! I need to buy another candle from there . . . 

This is Tony's Coffee and the Harris Ave Cafe. Harris is my all time favorite place for breakfast. They are only open until 2pm, and their breakfast/lunch menu is totally awesome, and they always have great specials of the day. Again, another place we go so often that we know people who work there. Small town, but darn good food. 

Fairhaven Fish N Chips. Good stuff. And soft serve. Need I say more?

Another note about these pictures - The trees have bloomed and are very pretty. They are just sticks in the pictures I've been showing you. Sometime soon I'll prove to you how pretty it is with more pictures of trees. Although I do have this . . . 

A picture of a sad little palm tree in front of a Mexican restaurant that has good margaritas and fajitas. I'm not sure how that thing is alive, but this is definitely not the climate it prefers. 
If you walk by that little palm tree you'll get to the Fairhaven Village Green, which is where the small, weekly Farmers Market is. Also, in the summer they play movies every Saturday night up on that white screen on the building. When my nieces were here, we took them to the Village Green and let them run like crazy until they got tired enough to go to bed. I make a great aunt. 

Across the Green is Magdalena's Creperie. I haven't been there since August, when I took myself to get a delicious strawberry, cream cheese and white chocolate crepe for my birthday. Deeelish. 

Next door is Daphne's, a really neat little bar that has great martinis and a really cool atmosphere. It's also only a couple blocks away from our place. Bonus.

Oh, check that out. Another vehicle stereotype in Fairhaven/Bellingham. A subaru with a kayak. 

Even closer on our way back to our apartment is two of my favorite places (and not just because I could practically walk to them in my sweats and no shoes without having any trouble) . . . 

One is Sirena Gelato Cafe which is ah-mazing! And it's easy to talk Mitch into getting gelato in the summer since it's literally across a parking lot to get to. 

The other is Four Starrs Boutique which I wrote about when I was on a spring shopping high. It might be a bad thing that it's so close to where I live. Mostly because if I'm walking to anywhere in town other than the grocery store, I have to walk by 4starrs and then window shop. But then again, I do get some great clothes out of this deal! Yeah baby!

And finally on the tour, as we reach our apartment, we also reach our gym, Bellingham Tennis Club/Fairhaven Fitness. I absolutely love this gym. It's the perfect place to work out and my trainer is there! Have I mentioned that I love her? She rocks. And this gym shares our parking lot so it's easy to get to. Even in the winter when there's ice on the roads, all I have to do is get a sled and slide down the hill and in five seconds I'll be there! 

So there you have it. My town that I love so dearly.

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