Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No Rest . . . Like Having Children

I often think about how having Tesla and Niki is like prepping me for what it will be like to have kids. They're demanding, they fight, they keep me from getting a decent night's sleep, they make a mess, and they rarely ever like what I feed them.

Now I'm not saying it's exactly the same, but when it comes to sibling rivalry . . . well, this is it. The sneaking up on each other, wrestling, pushing the other out of the way in order to get their food, yelling for help when the other is being nasty (mostly the yelling comes from Niki). It's all a reminder of a brother and sister picking on each other.


I get it. When it was just Tesla, her life was so simple and perfect. She was the only child. She got all the loves and snuggles. All of our attention was on her.

What sweet memories.
So it's no wonder that when Niki came along she got a bit defensive. 

Eventually she learned to love her baby bro. Well, she loves him most of the time.
Sometimes she still cries out for attention though. 

We've been lucky to have cats that sleep through the night. They like to take up my foot space, but whatever. At least I'm getting some shuteye.

But some nights, Tesla changes her mind about that.

She will cry, and cry, and cry, and cry. No matter what I do she cries. I bring her to bed and pet her while she nurses on her catbed. Nothing. I open the window so she can get some fresh air. Nothing. I try to wake Niki up to keep her company, but he's out like a light. 

Maybe the problem is that she sleeps in the evening before bedtime? 

Lately, with the sun coming up earlier, she's turned into our own living alarm clock. At 4:30am. 

This morning I threw her bed in her direction. Does that make me a terrible mother? 

Yeah . . .

Now she's sweetly sleeping on the ottoman next to my feet. I might have thrown a cushion at her earlier, but I can't help gushing over how cute she is now. I can't stay mad at my babies for long!

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