Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quality Family Time

It has been since Christmas that my family was all together. That's a lie actually . . . it's been since Thanksgiving. My brother wasn't able to make it to Christmas and we missed him! And it's still been since Thanksgiving that we've all been together. But on Easter Sunday my parents, Mitch and I went to my sister's house to spend the day with them and my nieces. We wished my brother could be there but unfortunately he had to work. But that's also a lucky thing since I wish I had to work sometimes.

But Easter Sunday with the fam. Now that's a good day. There's nothing like hanging out with kids on Easter! It's the best. Something about hiding Easter eggs for them to find just made me happy.

Filling plastic eggs with jelly beans and coins and then hiding them in my sister's front yard . . .

Mitch and I hid 24 eggs, . . . and I then forgot where I put a few of them. Hey, I've always said I have a terrible memory. I don't know how it's so easy for me to memorize an entire play script but forget where I put something five minutes ago.

And my nieces are my favorite little people in the world. I love making them smile!

Plus any time I can be with my family I'm happy. It seems like lately it's been so difficult for us all to be together at the same time. Between work and our busy lives, it seems easy to let these things go. But it's important that we spend time together. It's necessary to make it a priority.

Who knows where any of us will be in a few years. Heck, Mitch and I could run away to the Bahamas and I could be a beach bum for a living. (Hey that doesn't sound half bad! Think we could do it, Mitch?)

Whenever my mom, sister and I are together we thrive. The three of us are the closest friends. It seems like it's been so long since we've done anything just us girls. So on Sunday we decided to make that a priority as well!

Have I introduced you to my sister yet? I think I mentioned her in a blog post before. She's the beautiful brunette in the middle. Summer has always been there for me and I can't get enough of her. I need to talk to someone I can trust? She's there. Who has my back? She does. I also owe a number of clothes in my closet to her own closet. Yeah, I love me some hand-me-downs.

Mitch and I love spending time with my sister and her husband Jeff. The four of us always seem to have way too much fun together.

There's nothing better than some family time with food as well. Summer and Jeff supply the clams (and the kitchen!), my parents bring the steak and chicken, and we bring the dessert. (Oh yes, I'll write about that later.) It all equals delicious family bonding.

Yeah, I couldn't help it. They wanted a picture of us all holding knives. 
Logic isn't exactly normal in this group. 

You know what else is a great thing?

Viewing some husband and father QT. Anytime I see my two favorite men hanging out, chatting and laughing, my heart is just happy.

Also getting some play time with the kids makes me happy too.

And the day was just about perfect. Except for the moment when my knee gave out while I was walking down the stairs and I ended up tumbling down. The next day I woke up with an ache-y, half swollen knee, but it was all worth it. Family fun is important and I would go through any cartwheels down stairs to get to those lovely people!

What was your Easter Sunday like?

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