Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Spring Spring (Rolls)

Since I've been all about spring lately, I just HAD to share with you my new favorite meal . . .

Homemade Fresh Spring Rolls.

I don't know where Mitch came up with the idea to make them on his own, but he did and it was AH-Mazing! And I have to make sure to give him full credit for this beauty of a meal. 100% brought to you by Mitch O'Clock.

He first made this dish a week ago. It was new and surprising. It was also shockingly delicious and perfect. So perfect that I requested it the other night and stuffed my little belly with this spectacular meal.

Here is what you need to complete this dish . . .

Chicken Breast
Spring Roll Skins (Wraps)
Thin Rice Noodles
Sweet Bell Peppers

Marinade for the Chicken (about)
1/2 tbs Sesame Oil
1-2 tbs Tamari (or Soy Sauce)
Minced Garlic
Minced Ginger
A couple dashes of fish sauce
A bit of pepper

Dipping Sauce
Plum Sauce
Tamari (or Soy Sauce)
A dash of fish sauce

You gotta buy these things . . .

. . . They rock.

It seems like a lot of ingredients now that we are listing it, but most of the ingredients we had on hand. We always have chicken breast in the freezer, the veggies are ones we usually buy on a regular basis. (Hopefully I'll soon be using my own grown cilantro!) Tamari we have because of the Elimination Diet and we have actually found that we prefer it to soy sauce, which now seems too salty for our tastes. And things like the spring roll skins, plum sauce, and fish sauce leave you with so much left over that you can keep plenty in your kitchen for the next time you make it!

Whew! That's a lot of words. Back to the recipe . . .

1. First, put together your marinade and chop some chicken breast into thin, small pieces. It doesn't need to marinate for long, but get it done first so it's all juicy and ready when it comes time to cook. Also, start boiling water in a large pot early so it's ready when you need it.

2. Chop up your veggies. Slice those veggies as thin as you can. Tear apart some cilantro and lettuce and set aside.

3. Now that your veggies are chopped and your water is starting to warm, get a non-stick skillet nice and hot with a dab of oil to coat the bottom. Once the pan is hot, dump in that marinated chicken and give it a quick stir. 

Looks kinda gross. Trust me, it's not.

Cook the chicken until done (about 10-12 minutes)

4. While the chicken is cooking, take the pot of boiling water off the heat and put in a bout half of the package of rice noodles.  Set a timer for 10 minutes.


5. When the timer goes off, take the rice noodles out of the water.


6. With the remaining hot water (off the heat) from the noodles, soak the rice sheets one at a time for about 5 seconds and lay them out flat on a plate. The water should be warm-hot but not too hot that you wouldn't be able to stick your (clean!) hand in the water. Cooler water takes longer for the sheets to soak properly. They are done soaking when they are soft and pliable.

8. To make your dipping sauce, mix together about 1 tbs of Plum Sauce, 1 tbs of Tamari and a dash of Fish Sauce, and microwave for about 30 seconds. (Microwaving keeps the sauce from being too thick.) Make more or less depending on how many people you are feeding.

With your chicken and noodles cooked, your veggies chopped, the wraps soaked, and your dipping sauce made, you are ready to prepare you wraps!

7. Start piling your mixin's on the wrap. Add however much of each ingredient you like.

This is where this dish could possibly be a fun meal for feeding kids, because it's a hands-on meal. Make it yourself. And eat with your hands. Heck yeah!

Wrap your ingredients into a burrito-like shape and you have a delicious fresh spring roll!

Dip it into the plum sauce and you will have the happiest belly.

Also, any extra fillings you have will make great left-overs. Heat 'em up, throw some more plum sauce on and you've got yourself a delicious lunch.

I would also like to add, is there anything hotter than a man wearing an apron and cooking you dinner?

I can't get enough of it.

Thank you to Mitch for making me this insanely good dinner and helping me share it with the world. And for looking so dang good in the kitchen.


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