Tuesday, May 3, 2011

As The Germans Say . . .

"Let them drink beer!"

No? Well, how about . . .

"It takes beer to make thirst worthwhile" 

Yeah, that one is right.

And it was Queen Victoria who said . . .  

"Give my people plenty of beer, good beer, and cheap beer, and you will have no revolution among them."

Alright, I'm not a big fan of beer. But my husband is. I just don't like the taste. Once I learned there were other, more delicious (to my palate) beverages to sip, I realized that I just don't like the taste of beer.

Most of the time.

I will admit that there have been beers I've sipped and said ". . . Not bad." 

So for the sake of my marriage, I will go along with Mitch on his beer drinking endeavors. For the millions (yep) of bottles of wine he's shared with me, I could share a beer with him every once in a while.

Or in the instance of this weekend, go along with him to a Beer Festival-like event in downtown Bellingham. April Brews Day. An event benefiting the Max Higbee Center in which a thousand (exaggerating) breweries come and give samples of their beers in hopes of winning the award for Best Tasting Beer. A lot like our little chowder competition in Fairhaven, but on a much larger scale . . . and with beer. Saturday night, the same weekend as the Dirty Dan Days in Fairhaven, so this was a busy weekend for us.

I'm a little ridiculous, though. I ask him if I will like it, and then say "It better be fun." Like when I agree to watch some heist movie with him and when he promises me there will be some romance in it I say something like, "There better be some kissing!"

It WAS fun!

Besides the giant group of beer drinking hooligans that I got lost in the crowd of a few times, it was a really good time. It was quite the event too.

I was surprised to see as many breweries as were there. I didn't realize what a big event this was. Apparently it's been going on for years and I just never knew about it! And it was packed!

The people of Bellingham love their beer. It's a fact. It must be some sort of mecca for beer drinkers because people are almost obsessed with it. Yes, there are a few wine drinkers like myself here, but the beer drinkers greatly outnumber us.

It was nice to see that 100% of proceeds went to charity - the Max Higbee Center is a group that provides recreational programs for people 14 and older with developmental disabilities. It's great and I'm glad to see how much support they received. Mitch said he read somewhere that 40% of their annual income comes from this event so it's great that it's doing so well.

Back to the beer . . .

How this event works is when you show up you get your little beer glass and a few tickets. Then you're let loose to find the breweries that you want to try out. Each brewery has their own stand and the lines for some of them were pretty long. You exchange your ticket for a sample of beer - and the samples are a pretty good size. You can buy more tickets if you need to, but be aware that you'll probably be on your caboose by the end of the night if you do. Luckily there was food there as well. The pizza and hot dogs sold out pretty quickly.

There was live music as well which I think totally made the night. As the night went on, the crowd around the stage grew and it turned into a full-on concert for the band Keaton Collective (the last band of the night). They were actually pretty good!

They also busted out with dual drummers, which if you know me at all, you know I love. A band can win me over if they successfully pull of the dual drummer move. 

I also ended up finding a couple of beers that I didn't sip and then immediately try to spit out. Or make a funny face at. Or gag and start to cry and ask Mitch how could he do this to me?!

All in all, the night was really fun. I have to say, beer drinkers are a group all their own. There's an energy that is so different. They're fun people to party with.

It's good to get out and do something different once in a while. Get out of your comfort zone and it's great when you enjoy yourself while doing so.

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  1. Hi Lyda

    My name is Shan and I live in Australia. I came across your blog on the Young People with Arthritis Facebook page.

    I'm 35 and have had RA since I was 2 years old. I have just had my second daughter and the world of pain has amplified ten-fold.

    I too keep a blog - not always about my struggles with Art - but, my life in general: www.inklings-ink.blogspot,com

    Would love to keep in touch. It's always nice to never feel alone, which arthritis can certainly do.

    Shan xo


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