Monday, May 2, 2011

Dirty Dan Days

Oh the weekend is full of possibilities. How did you spend yours?

I spent mine enjoying my little town and it's festivities. Fairhaven had it's 9th annual Dirty Dan Days - a weekend of seafood, music, activities and entertainment.

"Dirty Dan" Harris was the founder of Fairhaven, WA in the mid 1800s. He arrived in Bellingham Bay in May 1854 and fell in love with the place so he bought the land and founded the city of Fairhaven, doing much of the development on his own. And he had a great big bushy beard to boot!

Click here to read fascinating information about Dirty Dan . . .

So the Dirty Dan Days is a two day party two blocks from our apartment. The Village Green is taken over by hundreds of people. And it's just fun.

Festivities include live music . . .


Seafood feast . . .

This guy was selling plates of paella that was so amazingly delicious I couldn't get enough of it!

And exciting events such as a foot race and a piano race.

Piano race??

Yep. An uphill piano race.

Don't worry about it.

And that was all just day one!

Day two involved the Chuckanut Chowder Cookoff in which different local restaurants from around town enter to win the award for the best chowder.

For $10 you get yourself a ticket that allows you to taste each restaurant's chowder. You pick your favorite and the votes are tallied.

It draws a big crowd

When you finally pick your favorite, you're given a chunk of bread and a cup of your favorite chowder. I ended up narrowing it down to two chowders, one from Boundary Bay and one from Skylarks. I voted for Boundary Bay and Mitch and I shared a big ol' cup of their chowder. Skylarks won.

That was some delicious chowder.

Also on the second day was a Dirty Dan Look-A-Like Contest. All men with good whiskers are welcome.

The man on the middle-left won. They all looked totally awesome though. The guy with the long white whiskers lives in our building and is a super nice guy. I cheered for him.

Also, this year's Dirty Dan is the same guy in town who has two pet goats. He walks them on leashes like dogs.

The last time I saw him walking those goats he also had a dog about the same size with them. They all wore sweaters (it was mid-January) and from far away it looked just like three dogs. Until two of them started eating the grass by the side of the road.

Other fun stuff about the festival . . .

A beautiful African, handmade basket that Mitch bought for me.

Also finding my new favorite thing . . . Huckleberry Popcorn

And finally, finding a hilarious beverage at the store called Leninade. Tasted like lemonade and had a ridiculous label on it.

Very silly.

Thank goodness for warm, sunny weather and local businesses coming together to make a fun filled weekend!


  1. knut christiansenMay 3, 2011 at 4:12 PM

    Thanks for your kind comments! I am glad you enjoyed the paella. It was a awesome day.

  2. It was amazing! I devoured it!


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