Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More To Do

A simple housewife no more. I'm a workin' woman now.

On Friday I stared work at Four Starrs Boutique here in Fairhaven. I've mentioned it before as my favorite store with great things to spend all our money on. My good friend working there is moving on and I'll be taking her place.

Will I miss being around the house all day with these crazy kids?

Heck yes I will. They are my buddies.

And I will miss having a clean house, as I've found it's harder to keep up the amount of work I do around the apartment when I get home from working all day.

No, wait! Don't look at that!

But it is nice to have a job again. And I love this job. I get to work at one of my favorite places and help people shop. Could it get any more perfect?

The only difficulty I'm having is getting used to being on my feet all day. Those poor little feeties. And those poor little knees. I really have to be careful about wearing good shoes with proper support. And to really be on top of taking my medicine so I don't crumble mid-day.

Hmm . . . 

I worry about my joints and transitioning from a lifestyle where I was almost babying my joints to one where I have a responsibility to keep working with a big ol' smile on my face, even when I feel like poo. I was really taking extra care of my body and allowing myself to rest when I needed to rest. I'm scared I'll wake up in the morning with a swollen knee and have to deal with that all over again. 

Now I have to work on taking what I've learned about how to listen to my body and know what it needs and use it in a work setting. 

The difficult part is that I love me some shoes. And I love high heels as much as I love my kitties. But 8 hours a day in heels is next to impossible for someone with joint problems. So the other day when I worked, I wore heels but threw some Toms in my purse for later. Hopefully I won't have to bust out the Birkenstocks, but if I have to, you know I'll rock them.

I will continue to blog every day, but now you might hear me talk about how I just spent all my paycheck before I even put it in the bank. Oh the clothes! You better believe I will share the clothes! 

Niki will make sure I keep blogging!

I'll take you on this adventure with me! Wish me luck!

Check out this week's article at Achieve Clinical Research!

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  1. Congratulations! Now....make sure to take care of yourself! :-)


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