Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sublimely Happy

The other day I showed you a video of Niki's new toy. The butterfly. The one that he has chewed up and spit out so it no longer resembles any form of bug. He actually ripped a majority of it off but still wanted to play with it, so I taped it back together, making it look even less like a bug. But he still enjoys it.

They had a Bee one at the store, but I'm not sure if I want to encourage the kitties to chase bees, since last summer Niki caught one and it stung his little paw.

You would think he would learn his lesson. But he's not that bright. Sorry Nick.

Well, anyways, he's very possessive of that toy. He growls when you try to take it away from him. He has even hissed at me a few times. He especially does not like Tesla anywhere near it.

But my original idea for this toy was that it would get Tesla moving. Since we adopted Niki, she hasn't been a huge fan of toys. And unless she's chasing Niki (or a fly) around the apartment, she doesn't get much exercise. I figured I should try to promote some physical activity. And have fun with her.

She's very intrigued by the toy. She wants to play with it, but whenever she's about to pounce, Niki barrels in from across the room, knocking out anyone in his path, just to get to that butterfly. If I ever want to give Tesla a chance to play with it, I have to literally hold Niki back. He struggles quite a bit.

But a couple of days ago, after Niki had tired himself out, the toy was left alone in the middle of the living room . . .

And Tesla went for it.

At first she was tentative to play with it. Whenever she starts to play with it, Niki attacks.

But soon she let loose.

She picked it up.

Rolled around on it.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Oh she was so happy! I had to take pictures.


With Niki passed out on the other side of the room she was able to play with the toy how she wanted to play with it.

Eventually I picked it up and began to play with her - dragging it across the floor, watching her chase after it, hopping and pouncing. Oh the joy!

Unfortunately after only a couple minutes Niki bounced back and tackled the butterfly, growling and carrying it away from us girls. Bully.

Oh well! Another day in the life!


  1. your joy in life and love for you babies is an inspiration for me. Love your blog!

  2. You just made my day, thank you!


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