Friday, June 24, 2011

Daredevil Niki

Since this week's articles have been a little on the serious side, I decided to leave you with this for the weekend . . . .

Last night, as I was getting myself ready to go out to dinner, there was a clanking sound, and then scratching on wood. I turned around to find little Niki like this . . .

He attempted to jump from the towel stand to the top of the door. He didn't quite make it as far as he wanted, so his little back legs were quickly searching for a steady surface. His front legs must be pretty strong as that is the only way he was holding himself up there.

I shouted to have Mitch come help me because unfortunately, I was too short to reach the little sucker. (Note: In the last two pictures Mitch had his arm behind the door, holding Niki's little butt up.

I begged Mitch to get him down, but he felt Niki had put so much effort into getting up there that he couldn't just end his fun so quickly. So he helped him up to the top.

Have you ever seen anyone more proud of himself?

Between gasps for air due to uncontrollable laughter, I watched as Niki took in the world from this new point of view.

Now it's no mystery to those of you who have spent much time with the little darling that Niki is not the brightest in the world. He's constantly falling off of perches and making terrible decisions. He never seems to learn from his mistakes. He seems completely oblivious to Tesla's annoyance and therefore always surprised when she beats the crap out of him.

But perhaps there is more to this cat than meets the eye. He managed to figure out how to jump from the floor to the clothes hamper, the clothes hamper to the towel rack, and finally the towel rack to the door frame. Oh if he could only talk.

Eventually I convinced Mitch to get him down (again, the curse of being too short). I am constantly reminded to appreciate the little things in life. We don't look at things from different perspectives. We don't see the possibilities. We don't take many risks. Maybe there is something to being a little more of a daredevil like Nick.

There are risks worth taking in this world.

I dare you to try something new this weekend! And then let me know about it!

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  1. LOL! Go for the daredevil stuff...just so long as you have Mitch in the rear backing you up :-)


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