Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hockey Love

Mitch has his dual citizenship with Canada, have I mentioned that?

I think before they give you your citizenship you have to agree to dedicate hours of your life to loving hockey.

Yep. He does. Here's your dual citizenship card.

Mitch loves hockey. My dad loves hockey. Therefore I love hockey. When I moved away from my parent's house I found myself turning the channel on TV to hockey . . . just cuz. Something about needing to have it on in the background while I did my homework. So much like home. Ahh . . .

Mitch played hockey for years growing up. He loves it. LOVES it.  

Now that the Canucks are in the finals, it's a big deal. Playoffs are fun to follow and especially fun when the local(ish) team makes it to the finals. Alright, Bellingham is not in the British Columbia area but it's close enough.

Please take a look at the "Erotic Haiku for Henrik Sedin" 
on the website where I found this photo.

Though apparently not close enough to find good Canucks memorabilia. 

So on Monday, memorial day, Mitch and I both had the day off, and we decided to drive all the way up to Vancouver. Just because we love it so much. And to buy some Canucks stuff.

It's been a couple years since I've been to Vancouver. I absolutely love that city. It's beautiful, clean, bustling. There's so much going on, so much to do, and especially with the finals coming up there is a lot of energy! The people are excited. It's fun to be around.

So our journey across the border began with having to explain to border crossing that our plan was to shop for Canucks Tshirts and hats. She laughed at us. Then let us through.

We headed to Rogers Arena and the Team Store where Mitch got his hat, I got a totally awesome shirt . . .

and a blue foam finger.

Crazy Canucks Face


As we were leaving the store, a reporter and a camera crew asked to interview us about the game. Mitch said some smart and interesting stuff about Vancouver vs Boston and gave his prediction. I nodded along and waved my foam finger.

After we got lost on the streets of Vancouver (wait . . .were we still in Vancouver that whole time?) we headed to Granville Island for lunch.

Had lunch at a cool place called The Sandbar. We had delicious salad, clam chowder and some more clams (yeah, we like clams).

This was some pretty delicious chowder too. Rivaled the Dirty Dan Day's Chowder competition!

After lunch, we got lost again. Then we found our way to a Tim Hortons, because what's a trip to Canada without a visit to Tim Hortons? Delicious coffee and doughnuts.

Is there anything better than a doughnut?

I didn't think so.

On our way home, we made a stop at the duty free store to buy some cider. (I had this delicious pear cider with lunch so I had to get some to bring home.)

I will be enjoying this cider and my foam finger while watching GAME 1 tonight! Woop Woop!

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  1. If any happens to see that interview of us standing outside Rogers Arena, please let us know. We have no idea who the interviewers were!


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