Monday, June 20, 2011

Much Needed Rest

I have a good excuse for not writing as early as I normally like to this morning.

I was tired.

So I slept in.

Kind of.

Last night we got in town late after a couple of fast-paced days in our hometown. We had just enough time for me to cook up some last-minute dinner, watch our new favorite show Game of Thrones, and pass out. Mitch had to wake up at the crack of dawn this morning to head off on another adventurous business trip and I stupidly woke up with him.

Well, I sort of woke up. I was half-asleep, noticed we forgot to pack his bags the night before, and proceeded to dump out all of our dirty clothes from this weekend's suitcase and start folding shirts for Mitch while slowly falling back asleep.

I always wonder what must be going through Mitch's head when he leaves on these business trips. The last moment he sees me I'm groggy, hair all tangled, mascara smeared on my face because I forgot to wash my makeup off, bad morning breath, and mumbling something about not to forget his passport before I fall asleep again. Then groggily attempt a goodbye kiss and stumble around the apartment until he leaves. Eventually, a couple of hours after he left, I plopped down on the couch and the second my head hit the cushion I was out like a light.

Oh yeah, that's something he's gonna want to rush back home to.

Every time I have a busy weekend like the most recent, I am determined to have as much relaxed time following. I've been reading in my ever-so-smart book about the paleo solution how necessary sleep and rest are to our health, and what happens to our insides when we don't get enough rest.

But nonetheless, it was a good weekend, spent with family. I got to see my dad for father's day and make him his own large batch of fruit nut bars.

Then a day of golfing with my mother who has been taking lessons and is pretty dang good. I haven't played in over a year and was more than a little rusty.

I got better as the day went on though . . .

If you're lucky I might post the video Mitch took of me, where I took a horrible swing and then proceeded to give my best "tough guy" look to keep from Mitch poking fun at me. If you're lucky.

Also, I had a small achievement when going on a morning walk, and finishing a trek up a hill with a sprint. Never thought these knees had it in 'em.

We also took the long way home, by rout of Ellensburg, to visit Mitch's grandmother. If you are as easily entertained as I am, ask this woman to tell you a story of her family history. Keeps you occupied for hours. 

All in all, I'm glad my energy levels have been better than usual, mostly due to the increase in exercise I've been busting my butt doing lately. It's all worth it.

By the way, is there anything more beautiful than a man holding a baby?

That's a handsome man, right there.

How was everyone's weekend? Tell me all about it, I want to hear!

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  1. It's the kitty..they have this magical thing in their purr that puts us to sleep :-) I have two of them and it takes me twice as long to get up and get going at all in the morning. Did I mention that morning to mine is 3:00 AM?


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