Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Paleo And Banana Bread Disaster

Oh friends, I wish I could share with you all the crazy that's been going on in my life lately. But I would love for things to get less crazy before I trouble you with my crazies. Instead, let me tell you of my recent Paleo fun.

I started reading this book . . . The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf

Now I think the cover of this book is a little deceiving. It comes off as your average "diet" book, which will probably be boring and go on and on about someone's opinion of what the perfect diet is.

I've read a few of those other books. They're crap. I'm sorry, but they are. They have not changed how I look at food one bit. They just make me think the authors are pompous asses. But this one is somehow different. Maybe it's because I'm already sold on the diet (yeah, that's probably it.) or maybe it's because the author is very good at detailing WHY. That's always my big question. WHY?

I won't go into full detail, since it would take me an entire other blog to attempt to explain what Robb Wolf puts into words so easily. But what he explains are the details of how our bodies and our digestive system work and how history and anthropology show what foods our body is meant to eat. Let's just leave it at grains are not good.

I'm only about half way through the book but I promise you I will detail more of my findings and excitement. Like I said, I was already mostly sold on the idea of the Paleo diet, but now I'm finding out the reasoning, and the science behind it and it makes it so much clearer. He doesn't talk down to you, he gives you the hard facts and the proof and I get it! Yahoo!

Plus, I gotta trust someone who, on his "About" section of his website, posts this photo . . . 

Who does this remind you of?

Of course.

So with my renewed excitement about living the paleo diet lifestyle, I decided to give some new baking a shot. Specifically, a favorite around the Clark household, Banana Bread!

I hunted around for a good recipe and eventually found what I thought was a good one. And I'm sure it is, I just messed it up.

This is the part of my blog where I admit to being human and messing up a recipe.

Granted, Mitch said he liked how it turned out . . . I have a feeling he's a big liar. But oh well.

I ended up using what I had on hand, which was hazelnut flour instead of coconut flour as the recipe suggested. In the end, it was very moist . . . . Too moist. It kind of fell apart. More like bread that's been soaked in something . . . like french toast! Oooh I wonder what it would have been like as french toast!

Like I said, sometimes you just have to admit when you've made a mistake. I'm only human! But my goal is to perfect this Paleo Banana Bread recipe and share it with you all! Yessiree! Look forward to it!


  1. It sounds like the coconut flour may have made the difference in this one since it sucks up moisture like there's no tomorrow!! Good luck with your experimenting :)

  2. MMMMM...nanna bread....moist or not...mmmmmmm Will try this recipe. Looking forward to your further explanation of this book you are reading. We here at the Murphy's law home are on a gluetein free, soy free, dairy free diet for almost all of the time. I am not restricted but my daughter is...so I eat for her dietary needs as it makes our lives easier...we share the culinary preparation here :-) Yup...looking forward to more info. on this diet.

  3. I will have to find the paleo banana bread we use. It is yummy. I make it with almond flour. I have taken it to potlucks and everyone loves it - paleo or not! But, I am always on the lookout for new recipes so I look forward to what you come up with.

    Also, I love Robb Wolf. I listen to his podcasts frequently. Have you checked out http://everydaypaleo.com/? I love her blog and book.

  4. I'm going to try again tonight! Hopefully tomorrow I'll have the recipe for you!


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