Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good But Could Be Better

You know those moments when you say to yourself, "I should go to the gym/clean the house/do laundry/run my errands/etc." but you never do? Yeah, that's me in a nutshell 90% of the time.

I had one very productive day on Tuesday. Four loads of laundry: Done. Dishes in the sink: Cleaned. Stuff in the car that I bought the other day but was too lazy to bring in: Out. It was the most productive day off ever.

Today . . . not so much. I know it's only 7:45 and perhaps when my medicine kicks into high gear I'll have a little more power on my side, but I can just foresee the rest of the day being pretty simple. Yeah, I should make the bed, but oh man the kitties are playing and it's just TOO CUTE!

Ahem, anyway. . .

It's not just the little chores around the house that I need to do, it's a lot of things that are really stressing me out. I'm an emotional person. There, I said it! And I stress easily, which does not help with joint pain, let me tell you. I had the realization that when I'm stressed I avoid taking care of the things that stress me out, and therefore I stress even more in the long run because I have those things looming over my head. Whew!

Because so much is going on in my little world, I find myself achey a majority of the time because I've been stressing. Ick. I hate stress.

I was just reading a little article on about a nifty little trick to help combat stress. There are a million out there, but this I realized works.  

 So many worries. 

They say if you are feeling stressed lately, give yourself a chunk of time in the day to let yourself worry. Apparently people who let themselves have worry time for 30 minutes every day handle their stress better and seem to have less of it the rest of their 24 hours.

And it hit me: usually when Mitch gets home from work he and I have our little "check-in time" where we talk about our day, what we've been up to, how work went, and most importantly, what has been stressing us out. I know for a fact that talking to him about my worries almost always helps me get them under control and stress about them less.

Go ahead baby, tell Mitch all about it.

But when he's away on business, I don't get that as much. We're left with phone conversations that are never as good as the situations where he gives me a hug because I'm freaking out and it immediately takes away the crazy. (Well, not completely . . . I think I'm always a bit crazy.)

I decided that I'm going to try to limit myself to only a small chunk of my day to freak out about these out of control situations. Talk to Mitch, think to myself, share stories of drama with little Nick. Then I'm done. It's on to getting things in order!

And right now getting things in order means inventorying my things! Right after Tesla is done snuggling.

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