Monday, July 18, 2011

Greetings From Iron Springs!

What? Did you think I would forget about you while I'm on vacation? Never!

We rented a couple of cabins at Iron Springs Resort on the Washington coast. New owners recently renovated it, but we've been coming here for years. Childhood summer vacations were spent here.

The weather here changes quickly, which isn't ideal for my little joints, but I'm workin' through it. The ocean is warmer than usual so getting your feet wet is awesome.

Right now it's rainy which isn't a bad thing. Our cabin has a cozy fireplace and we all have good books and wine! A pile of DVDs will hold us over if we need to, but we're just enjoying the time to sit back, relax, and have fun with good company.

Note: my nieces are drinking pomegranate juice. HA!

We're also celebrating my niece Ava's birthday. The big 3. We celebrated by burying her in sand . . . 

and giving her princess dress up clothes.

I've been personally celebrating my vacation by eating absolutely everything I can possibly shove into my mouth. A stomach ache right now after eating too much junk food. Food I haven't eaten in a long time. Like chips. Who knew how delicious and addicting they are? And cake with lots of frosting. Yum. 

Our goal now is to spend the rest of the vacation trying to eat a little better, and to try to keep up with a little more activity. More frisbee playing, more running on the beach, more hiking in the forest. And then I'll come back for some more wine and resting.

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