Thursday, July 14, 2011


Good morning, friends! I hope where you live you are waking up to beautiful sunshine and blue skies. Unfortunately, I woke up to rain. Such is the life in the pacific northwest. If we get too many sunny days in a row we'll forget what the rain is like so it always keeps us on our toes.

Today I'm preparing for our vacation to the coast. We're headed on Sunday to the beach with the fam and I couldn't be more excited. Five days of sleeping in, cabins in the woods, bonfires on the beach, kite flying, marshmallow roasting, movie watching family time. Any time I get to be with these crazy people, I'm for it!

So I'm packing for my trip, and I'm a little crazy when I pack. I have to make lists. Yes, I'm a list person. Even if I'm going away for only one night, I gotta have my list. I might even make two or three lists! Who knows how crazy I'll be?!

. . . I'm a dork. But it helps me because I'm so forgetful that I always seem to forget something. Anyone else like that?

The most important item on this list (besides my medicine. That's always number one. I always must bring my medicine, or else I freak out. Luckily this trip I will only need my pain medicine and not my Enbrel. Whew!) is sweatpants. Yes, this is a sweatpants kind of weekend. Of course jeans will be allowed, but this trip is all about relaxation and letting your hair down. Taking it easy! And oh do I love my sweatpants. When I worked in that very corporate office down in Utah, and had to wear pencil skirts with stockings and slacks with heels every day, the second I got home I threw on some comfies. No doubt about it, my favorite thing is wearing sweatpants. Yes ma'am!

Moving on from my tangent on sweatpants, how the heck am I going to pack all my crap into one suitcase? I know I don't necessarily need to fit everything into one. We're taking our car, I could just throw piles of clothes in the backseat and call it good. But even though I like to take a lot of clothes, I try to be a minimalist. Makes no sense, right? Yeah it doesn't to me either, but whatever.

At this very moment the suitcase has sweatpants and shorts, and the rest of the clothes are in piles on the floor. The cats seem to enjoy the chaos.

Tesla normally joins in the fun. Today she's just perched on the bed, watching Niki rummage through my underwear. 

Did I ever tell you about how when he was a little kitten he used to steal my underwear out of the drawer? Yeah, if I ever left the drawer open he would get into it, pick up a pair of undies in his mouth and carry them into another room. The little thief. He also used to steal jewelry and I still don't know where my favorite necklace is to this day.


This will be a long day, as it's my only day off work to prep before we leave on Saturday morning. I have clothes to pack, cookies to bake, food to prepare, and a car to load. Wish me luck!

What is it like for you to prepare for a long vacation? Do you have to do a lot of prep to bring your medicine with you? Is anyone else as forgetful as I am and needs crazy long lists? Any tips on how to pack perfectly?

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  1. My kitties always help me pack too! And usually leave tons of their hair as reminders that i left them behind. Enjoy your vacation and the lazy, hazy days!


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