Friday, July 15, 2011

Rough Night

Ever have one of those nights where you just don't get the best nights sleep?

It was just a night where it was one thing after another and I'm paying for it this morning. Let me just vent to you about the chain of events last night.

First it started with Tesla on my neck as I was trying to fall asleep. As sweet as she was, she kept trying to place her ever-so-sharp paws on my face to knead. It began with me hitting my head on the wall to avoid face-scratches, the loud thump freaking Tesla out and causing her to leap up, pushing off from my chest and scratching the bejeezus out of me. Job well done.

Then there was the street sweeper that seemed to take laps around our block. That is the loudest f'ing street sweeper I've ever heard. Let's just say our block must be the cleanest block in town.

The uncomfortable night ended with both cats stealing my side of the bed. Mitch is out of town on work again and it made it convenient for us here since there was more room for the three of us to spread out. Unfortunately Niki and Tesla decided to spread out where I had been sleeping.

In the end, these two fur balls got plenty of sleep and I did not. But as much as they drive me crazy I still love them and must forgive them for making my night's sleep uncomfortable. 

Still preparing for our vacation, which I have been counting down the days until. Do you ever feel like the days leading up to a vacation are always the longest and worst? Aye!

I didn't want to end the week with a rant, so I'm ending it with this . . .

It's my youngest niece's birthday today. Happy birthday Ava!

She's three years old today! When we moved to Utah she was not even 1 yet. I was so worried that not being able to see her on a regular basis, she would forget me and not know who I was when I would see her next. My favorite memory is of coming home for Thanksgiving, after not being around for months, and having her run up to me and give me the biggest hug. She never let go of me the entire week. She makes my heart melt.

She also loves her Uncle Mitch to death.

She also might have a drinking problem. . .

Probably the funniest day was Halloween this year when she wanted to join in on the fun with a shot glass (filled with water of course!)

As my girls grow up I love getting to know them and their individual personalities. Sarah, Claire, Ava, they all have their own unique details and attitudes. They brighten my life in every way. I wish I could be close to them always but soon we will have to move on and it's going to be my goal to stay in their lives as much as possible.


I can't wait to see my nieces this weekend. There is nothing better than spending time playing with them.

And I can't wait to celebrate some birthdays! 

Again, happy birthday Ava girl! I love you so much!

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