Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's For Breakfast?

I know you're all just dying to know what I eat for breakfast.

. . . That was a weird way to start out today's post. Oh well. Moving on . . .

One thing that always gave me questions is what to eat for breakfast when you're being all caveman-like. I would like to say I gnaw on a lamb shank every morning, but sadly that's not true.

It's difficult when you're first starting the diet because when you think of breakfast what do you think of after bacon and eggs? Bagels . . . pancakes . . . cereal . . . french toast . . . English muffins . . . croissants (yum) . . . I can go on and on because I love baked goods. But really, it's not very grain-free, is it?

So you say, "I'll stick with eggs and bacon. Maybe throw in sausage every now and then, just to mix things up."

One of my favorite breakfasts before I decided to be a crazy paleo-eater was bagel with cream cheese, fried egg on top and bacon. Uh . . . YUM! I would just refer to this as "egg & bagel" and Mitch would cook to order. And this meal is not the same with just . . . "egg". Have you ever had a plain fried egg sitting on your plate? When you crack that yolk, it just gets all over the place. I'm a messy eater, I can't have that or else it'd be a disaster.

Or another favorite, corned beef hash. Oh gawd that's good stuff! But potatoes are a no-go, so you're left without the hash. Sad face. Still delicious though. But no taters for breakfast? That's a sad day.

But same ol' eggs can only get you so far. I can only go so many days of having the same thing before I get bored, slam down my orange juice on the table, stand on my chair and shout "What else is there?!"

 . . . so I might be a little dramatic . . . get over it! BAH

Since getting back to being serious paleo-eaters, Mitch and I came up with delicious breakfast #1: Protein Overload!

So you have your hamburger patty, fried egg on top, maybe a squirt of ketchup, and you're good to go.

Trust me on this one. Once we started eating this for breakfast our energy levels went through the roof! I'm normally the person to snack throughout the day instead of having big meals, but after this breakfast, I'm good until maybe around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. No joke. And I feel like I can punch through the side of a brick building.

It might seem like some work to do in the morning, but it takes no longer than if you were to fry up and egg and some pancakes. We make the ground beef patties on Sunday, wrap them up, and leave them in the fridge for the week. While one of us is showering the other throws the food on the stove and it's done in around 10 minutes. Unless it's me cooking, then it takes a little longer because I have to sacrifice a few eggs before I'm finally able to crack a good one and not forget to grease the pan beforehand.

Oh well.

This weekend, Mitch got a little adventurous and decided to grind his own beef. Well, he used the food processor, but it worked just the same. We purchased a round roast of beef (also some pork for another breakfast adventure) and he used our nifty little processor to chop it up. It actually makes a mean burger! Very delicious. And what I like about it is that we know exactly what kind of meat is in it! You know me, any time I can know what the ingredients are I'm happy.

So as I'm writing today's blog I'm chomping down on some power food to get me through the day! Tesla is attempting to steal some meat, as she always does. She's her mama's girl. ;-)


  1. Jealous! I had a handful of trail mix and some oil refinery coffee... it is as good as it sounds.

  2. Uhhhh....hamburger for breakfast. Yup, you are doing the paleo diet (might have spelled that one wrong). We are dong the glueten free, soy free, dairy free and organic anti-infalmmatory one with no red meat. I hope this works for you :-) I hope mine works for me. I just want us both pain free :-)

  3. My husband eats a hamburger pattie with a sweet potato for breakfast and LOVES it! My favorite is sweet potato (put in the toaster oven to cook while we workout) with coconut butter or oil and a big sausage patty. Yummy! Also, Paleo leftovers for breakfast are delicious.


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