Friday, July 22, 2011

Workin' For The Weekend?

Ok, I've had the entire week off and it's been lovely. I've vacationed, I've played with kitties, I've eaten the many left overs from vacationing.

I even spent the day yesterday with my girlfriend Maura, pampering ourselves with mimosas and pedicures!

Pay no attention to the dying herbs in the background.

But now it's back to reality. Back to the real world. Paying bills. (Ick)

And taking the kitties to the vet. Luckily my wonderful husband has volunteered to do the vet part since I have to work. Hopefully he will be able to handle dealing with this little monster. . . 

She's a scrappy one. Did I mention that at the vet's office they have a special note in her file that she's feisty?

*Note to vet techs: wear long sleeves when handling this cat. She's vicious. She will tear your f'ing face off if you get too close. 

Ok, maybe it doesn't say that on there, but let's just say the vet and the assistant learned their lesson the last time they tried to do the thermometer up the butt thing to Tesla.
Don't mess with me.

And then there's going back to work. I love my job, yes I do, but there's something very weird about working on the weekend. Especially when your significant other has weekends off. Oh well! You make it work!

I am also dying, DYING, to tell you some important news but I can't yet. GAH! It's driving me crazy. I don't like keeping secrets from my loyal readers. I'm counting down the days until I can share the good news for you and we can all bust out the champagne!

In the meantime, I will wish you all a wonderful weekend, full of pain-free happy times. And know that I will be here, a big dork, trying to make you laugh Monday thru Friday. 


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  1. Enjoy your weekend too. I liked all your vacation pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. It looks like a great time!


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