Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aloha From Oahu: Day 1

We made it! I survived! We are in Hawaii, on our deck overlooking Waikiki beach. It's a little touristy here but it's fine for now.

Yesterday's plane ride was surprisingly comfortable! Our upgraded seats (which were only $25 extra by the way) were totally worth it. The extra leg space, the early boarding, the ability to stretch my legs - worth every penny and every dirty look from those poor suckers in regular coach.

Photo taken to show the hilarious to my left.

We also ordered a "DigEPlayer" (their spelling not mine) for $15 and were able to watch a number of movies on the entire trip over. It made the time fly by fast, and helped make the trip probably one of the nicest flights I've ever been on. (Except for that flight to Europe with my mama, where her flight attendant friend snuck us up to first class.) Way to go Hawaiian Airlines!

We landed, picked up our rental car, got to the hotel and then enjoyed checking out some of the fine shopping available.

We made it to the hotel, which was upgraded as a birthday gift to me. (Oh yeah, today is my birthday by the way. The whole house-hunting trip has kind of kept me from paying too much attention to this twenty-somethingth celebration.) Our view of the beach is enough to make you want to move here.

Day two will consist of rental shopping with our agent who is helping us find the perfect temporary living situation. Hopefully the day will end with the best birthday gift of all: a new place to call home!

And a birthday surprise tonight from Mitch!

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  1. Happy birthday Lyda. Wow! This looks so beautiful. Have fun tonight.


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