Thursday, August 4, 2011

Big News

I have big news, people.

Big, BIG news.

Are you ready for it?

My husband Mitch recently got hired by a new company, so we will be moving in the next few weeks.

Where to?

. . . . .

We're moving to Hawaii! The island of Oahu to be exact. Where on Oahu is still unknown, but hopefully soon we will have some more specifics.

The job is amazing. It's a great opportunity for Mitch and the fact that it's in Hawaii is just the cherry on top!

I've never been to Oahu, except for a layover on a trip to Kauai. Surprisingly, I know a few people who live or have lived on the island, so I'm learning as much as I can before I get there. And luckily his company is giving us all the help we could ask for!

I'm still wrapping my head around the whole idea that I will be moving to Hawaii. It's crazy. It hasn't quite hit me yet that this is a reality. I'm looking forward to our trip to find a place to live. I think that will hopefully help the idea sink in.

Also wrapping my head around the idea that our kitties won't be coming with us until a few months after we've been there!

The state of Hawaii is very strict about bringing animals to the islands. Their main concern is rabies, since there is absolutely no case of rabies on the islands at all. So if you are bringing pets to Hawaii you either have to have them quarantined at the airport for months or have all their vaccinations and bloodwork done before they go.

The only problem is that the bloodwork takes four months to process, and we didn't get it started until a few weeks ago, so the cats won't be ready to come with us until November. It works out alright though, because my mother has so graciously offered to take care of them until then. We'll come back for Thanksgiving and bring them home with us and then we'll all be together again!

I'm telling myself that this is a good thing because they won't want to be around for all the moving, unpacking, crazy-ness. It'll be chaotic enough, and poor little Niki couldn't handle our stress on top of his. He couldn't take it.

It breaks my heart to think about having to be away from them. So quit bringing it up, will ya?!

Aye, moving. How crazy it is. I've moved so much in the last few years, but what I'm looking forward to about this move is that it will be the last big move for a while. No more huge changes, no more Mitch away on business trips, just settling home in Oahu. Ah, I hope it will be nice.

I'm going to try to make this move as smooth and stress-free as possible. Don't laugh. Hopefully my wonderful readers will help me by cheering me on through the process! I need all the support I can get!

So look forward to future posts about me going crazy trying to not stress about moving . . .

It begins!


  1. That's very exciting news. I'm a little jealous..ok a lot jealous. I love Oahu, especially the north shore. Best of luck to you!

  2. Congrats on the new job. And the kitties...well just be sure to get them an extra kitty condo and some special treats to welcome them home in Hawaii.

  3. Wowzie! This is super exciting news. Yay for you and Mitch.

  4. That is just fantastic. what a wonderful opportunity! And I am guessing that the very stable climate there will be good for the RA!

  5. Aww man, jealous :)

    I wonder how the climate will affect your RA? The humidity tends to make me wince, but who knows. Good luck hun!


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