Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Burger Blog

MMM . . . BURGERS . . . Is there anything better?

A juicy, mouthwatering burger. Beautiful. But how do you eat a delicious burger when you're workin' on being all "paleo"? It's hard. Our idea of a burger involves a bun. What if there's no bun? How do you do it? Do you just fork-and-knife it? NO! It's not the same! What do you do?

You do like us and wrap it up in some lettuce.

Ok, so that sounds a little crazy, right? It doesn't sound like it would be the same, right? If you can believe it, it was actually just as delicious. It satisfied my every burger craving. Left nothing to be desired. I wasn't sitting there wondering what was missing like I do when I just eat the burger fixin's with a fork and knife.

Burgers are meant to be eaten with your hands. Burgers are big and juicy and fall apart all over the place but you don't care because it's oh-so-scrumptious. I know what you're thinking . . . lettuce wraps do not a burger make. But just trust me on this one. (I feel like I say that quite a bit in my blog . . . do you trust me yet? Maybe?)

So let me tell you what I did . . . yep, I'm gonna tell ya.

We wanted to get the full burger effect, so we decided to go all out. For the patty we had about 2lbs of good ground beef, half of a ground onion, 3/4 cloves of garlic, salt and pepper and made some delicious patties.


For the toppings we cooked up some bacon . . . yes, BACON BURGERS!

And some caramelized onions. Yowza!

While those are cookin' up, pour yourself a glass of wine and admire your rockin' husband making you a kick-ass burger dinner.

Aw, gotta love that man.

If you want, cook yourself up some sweet potato fries. Ow ow!

Ok, back to bacon burgers.

Toppings. Important toppings.

Throw 'em on some lettuce. We used butter lettuce, but you can use whatever type of large leaf lettuce you like.

What makes me crack up about this lettuce is that the label says it's absolutely fresh "Because it's STILL ALIVE!" IT'S ALIIIIVEEE! BAHAHAHA!

Ok, sorry, tangent.

We cut the burger patties in half, placed them on the lettuce, added our delicious toppings and ate.

And it was a beautiful thing.

Yep, that's me enjoying a delicious burger. Just an FYI, they are very messy.

Have I shown you enough pictures to make your mouth water? Does the empty plate with the juicy leftovers even make you hungry? I thought so.

Like I said before, it quenches that hunger for burgers.

It also reminds me to share a link with you paleo eaters or paleo questioners. Check out Mark's Daily Apple, primal living in a modern world. A bunch of great articles about the paleo lifestyle and he answers a lot of great questions. He also put together a little "flyer" to explain to people about why you eat how you eat. Let me give you a little excerpt.

Our genes still crave the fat, meat fish, seeds, nuts and leaves that sustained humans for hundreds of thousands of years before Twinkies, Big Gulps, and whole grain bread came around and chronically spiked our insulin levels. . . . Sure we may live longer lives, but that's because we have modern medicine keeping us alive . . . The Primal Blueprint is about using modern knowledge of evolutionary biology to cherry-pick the stuff that worked for our ancestors and eliminate the things that don't work in modern life, effectively giving you the best of both worlds.

Check out the info, ask questions, learn about it. The ideas make sense and work for us. Or if you're just looking to have a great burger without all the bread, just eat our paleo burgers and enjoy!


  1. Your burger looks delicious. That is how we eat them too! Actually I have found that many restaurants are starting to offer burgers in lettuce when I ask for a bunless burger. What I notice going without the bun is that all the flavors of the meat are intensified. Yummy! Bacon and onions on top along with sweet potato fries? You are my kind of girl. Plus, I noticed the wine. Perfect meal.

    I just finished listening to Mark Sisson on Robb Wolf's podcast about five minutes ago. I love his take on learning to incorporate play into your life.

  2. Hi Lyda,

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