Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Daddy's B-Day!

Have I written enough posts about my dad, yet? No? Good!

It's his birthday today!!!! WOOO!!! Happy birthday pops! I'm so sad I can't hang out with him but instead of a post about food, today's post will be another one dedicated to this totally awesome dude!

My dad is a good man. He always takes care of me and makes me laugh. He's taught me all the best stuff I know. Like how to make the perfect bowl of popcorn. My sense of humor comes from him (and the movie It's A Mad Mad Mad World is on HBO right now . . . I'm assuming in celebration of my dad!)

He taught me how to pack like a pro, taught me how to order the perfect kobe beef burger, inadvertently taught me a million different songs that I sing to myself on a regular basis. Mitch often comments on the weird songs I know all the lyrics to.

He also taught me about politics, helped me deal with my teenage love-life (which I'm sure wasn't his favorite thing in the world), and will always make room for me to snuggle up to him in his big leather chair, whether I need a shoulder to cry on or just some company while watching the same movies on HBO over and over.

Remember this little baby? Yeah, me in that half-body cast. He deserves a medal for having to change those diapers.

Most people fear their parents will have to move in with them as they age. Mitch and I have come to an agreement that my dad would make the best roommate. So dad, when you become a super old fart, you've got a room waiting for you!

. . . But don't expect me to change your diapers.

And since I can't be there with you today, dad, please play this song and picture me singing along!

Happy birthday Dad! I love you!

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  1. There's never too many "daddy" posts. My dad also helped me through my teenage love life and was a great snuggler. Dads are the best! Happy birthday to yours.


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