Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodbye For Now

It's time to say goodbye. Goodbye, friends. Goodbye family. Goodbye kitties.

Tesla and Niki seem to be adjusting well to life in Wenatchee. Since we brought them with us a few times in the past year it wasn't such a shock to get them here. They knew the house, the rooms, the hiding places. They already knew the other animals and seemed to get along for the most part. So they have been able to relax in the last week, which makes me happy.

It breaks my heart to have to leave them, as I've mentioned before. Hopefully the next three months will go by quickly. I hope. I will miss them.

When shopping for a new apartment we kept our kitties in mind. We'll be on the cooler side of the island with tile flooring (for poor little Niki who does not like hot weather). There is a small lanai off the bedroom that is closed in, so they can go outside as often as they want. There are large windows with views of the trees and the birds. There will be geckos and other tropical bugs for them to chase. I can't wait until they get there, they will have a blast!

I've already talked to you about the process of moving animals to Hawaii. It's long and tedious, and even though I have a handle on everything, I'm still afraid that I'm forgetting something. Or that I'm going to mess something up. Though I have it all under control and the cats passed their rabies tests and are good to go. But having everyone, especially the vet, tell me how difficult of a process it is, I have to say I'm a bit paranoid. Deep breaths, Lyda, deep breaths.

We are leaving today, so it's time for me to say goodbye to my babies. I will be back in no time!

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  1. Good luck Lyda. Everything will work out great and if not, I have confidence you will be able to handle it.


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