Monday, August 22, 2011

Greetings From The Airport!

Hello Friends! We're at the airport in Seattle, awaiting our flight to Honolulu for the four day "better find a place to live or else you'll be homeless" trip. Our day started at 4:00am, waking up to the sound of an unwanted alarm clock. Kitties confused as to why we were awake so early, not knowing about their upcoming abandonment. Oh well, they'll be fine. (Repeat that to yourself, Lyda.)

Breakfast at the airport consisted of French toast. Anyone remember how delicious that is? Mitch commented on the fact that most people go on strict diets before their vacations to Hawaii. Not me. Nope. Bacon, please!

Our six hour flight will board soon and luckily we upgraded our seats. Not first class (I wish) but close enough! My right knee has been bugging me for the last few days so the extra legroom will be much appreciated. I think a mix of the stress, the travel and moving in general has caused extra achey joints. My strategy for this flight is to take breaks to get up and stand around a bit (if I can) and try to stay calm. That's the key.

We're boarding now! See you in Hawaii!

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