Monday, August 8, 2011

A Little Loud & A Little Crazy

Hello Friendlies! Happy Monday! (ugh). I know, I know, Mondays kind of suck. But let me entertain you with a story . . .

On Thursday I went down to celebrate my sister's birthday. My sister's SURPRISE birthday! Along with my mom and a friend, we surprised her with a hotel, presents, and concert tickets to see Chris Isaak perform at Chateau Ste. Michelle winery. Let it be stated that I wish I could have supplied more, but my contribution was money for dinner and a gift bag that had been chewed on and slept in by my cats . . .

Anyway, back to the fun story!

I met my mom at the hotel in the early afternoon. They told me that they had set up a surprise for the birthday festivities - I thought it would be a simple bottle of wine and "happy birthday" . . . but no . . . they upgraded us to one of their biggest suites.

I'm not gonna lie, it was the biggest hotel room I've ever been in. It had two decks (took up the entire width of the floor) with a view of lake washington, and a bar . . .

I was in shock for a good 20 minutes.

My sister knew she was meeting my mom at the hotel restaurant for lunch, but she didn't know that I would walk in after they sat down. And let me just say this . . . is there anything better than a good surprise? I love surprising people, especially birthday surprises!

Once we all got up to the room (and everyone else had the same reaction I did when seeing the suite), my girl opened her presents and we shared a bottle of champagne!

Then dinner, which was fun, but I ended up laughing so hard at a joke that wine came out my nose . . . can you say painful? ACK! That wasn't a fun one, but at least the joke was good!

Then off to the concert which was where the funniest part happened . . .

We had amazing tickets that got us in to the front area of the venue. For those of you that don't know the winery, it's an outdoor venue, with a few seats located in the front center by the stage. Our friend bought us some seat tickets, which was ridiculously close to the stage. Awesome!

Now I'm not a huge Chris Isaak fan, but I love a good concert. I love live music and being in a crowd of people singing and dancing and having a good time. Unfortunately for this crowd, we were the only ones doing so. 

Out of the thousands of people at the concert, the four of us were the only ones standing, dancing, hootin' and hollerin' and getting waves from Chris Isaak. We stuck out like a sore thumb. We got chewed out two separate times: once by a lady behind us that let us know she paid for her seat and can't see the stage because we were standing and dancing. That was lovely. We sat down for about two seconds.

The second time was a grumpy man in front of us who shouted that we were cheering too loudly. That made us shut up, but then . . . again, only lasted for a few seconds.

My sister posing next to Mr Grump.

Eventually we decided we wanted to enjoy the concert so we got up and walked to the grassy area so we could dance as much as we wanted to. Funny enough, Chris Isaak noticed (it was hard not to since everyone was still seated, like Mr. Grumpface.) He ended up saying something about how people need to get up and dance, come up to the stage, etc. So we did!

This little event makes me think . . . what's the point? What's the point of going to a concert if you aren't going to enjoy yourself? If you aren't going to get up and dance and try to get the band's attention? What's the point if you aren't going to let loose, drink a bottle of wine and have a good time? 

I guess I'm used to the sort of rock and metal concerts that I go to with Mitch where there is no seating and often times groups of people in the center of the audience that just like to push and shove each other around. You gotta be tough to go to a concert. You have to get used to the fact that you might get pushed a bit, and you might be surrounded by annoying people cheering as loud as they possibly can, but hey, that's a concert! You're hanging out with one of your favorite bands! 

Ok, maybe this crowd was a little different, a little older, a little more mellow. But eventually the people woke up and started dancing. Eventually we weren't the only ones having a good time.

The funny thing was, that before Chris Isaak started his singin' he thanked everyone for coming out, supporting live music and making the choice to get away from the couch and the television set and enjoy life outside the bubble.

We're a generation of people hooked to our technology that we often forget what it's like to live with other people. We're connected with our phones and our televisions, but when it comes to actual interaction with people in front of us, we just get mad. We spend too much time being serious. Lighten up, people!

Life is loud and crazy. Embrace it! And remember to get out and have fun!

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