Thursday, August 18, 2011

Moving Cats 101 - Live Blog

Good afternoon! I am coming to you live from the floor of my apartment to keep you up-to-date on the process of moving cats from one location to another. It's a lengthy, tiring, possibly dangerous process that is currently being treated by taking a second to breathe and eat the chocolate bar I found last night.

The day began at 7:00am. To catch you all up to speed, my lack of post earlier in the morning was due to running around like a mad woman trying to get things organized before the drive to Wenatchee this afternoon. (Update: half of the hershey's bar is gone.) Today is Mitch's last day at work, and last night I accompanied him to his office to pack things up. Today I drove to the storage unit to empty said things out of our car, in order to make space for the abundance of things being taken to Wenatchee. Things.

Oh yeah, everything was all fun and games back then.

After the run to the storage unit, where I was finally able to give them a date for our leaving, (wow, I actually have the date.) I made a mad dash back home to finish packing for the next week.

Packing included all our winter clothes. (Those things won't be needed in Hawaii.) Packing clothes for this coming weekend in Wenatchee. (Hot.) Packing clothes for the following week in Hawaii, house hunting. (Yikes.) Packing everything we have for our cats. (Including enough food to last them for three months.)

11:21am - Once I thought I had everything in the appropriate duffel bags and suitcases, I realized I still had to pack the car. Mad dash to the big Xterra (Don't even think we would be able to fill all this crap into the Hyundai. Not gonna happen.) to park it a little closer to our apartment building. No, across the street is much too far away.

Drag gigantic duffel bag - so big you could fit two Lydas in - filled with every bit of winter attire we own, down the elevator, and up to the car.

Use every bit of muscle I have (Thank goodness for the gym.) to lift the bag and heave it into the back of the vehicle.

Run up and down the stairs, bringing the rest of the bags down. Elbowing other tenants out of the way to get to the elevator first. Trying to make small talk when we manage to get in at the same time.



12:32pm - Realize the car is too full to fit the cat food in. And the litter box.

Call mom to let her know we need to buy one when we get there.

Look over and notice Tesla eyeing the bottle of wine.

Cry a little bit when I realize that I'll be leaving my babies for three months. They know what's going on. They know I'm going to abandon them. Cry even harder when Niki meows at the front door after I close it behind me to make another trip to the car.

12:58pm - Pull yourself together! And take a break.


1:24pm - I think I have a tummy ache now from eating that chocolate too fast. Oh boy. And the cats are hiding from me under the bed. I think they got the hint that we're leaving today.


1:51pm - Despite stomach, chocolate bar was demolished. And the FedEx truck outside the building took approximately 3 hours to start up. Cats no longer hiding. Where is Mitch?! Still at work?! UGH!


2:22pm - Just figured out how to update via blackberry cell phone. The typos could get ugly.


3:00pm - Car is packed, including cats. Hitting the road. Don't bother trying to burgle our apartment, there's nothing there. Still trying to figure out how to add pictures via my phone. Onward bound!


4:15 - To avoid traffic and wildfires we are taking the long long route. North Cascades Hwy. Good thing I have water and chex mix (don't judge)!


10:32pm - The long drive without cellphone reception. The attempt to let Tesla out of her carrier while Mitch continued to drive. The numerous "are we there yet?" comments. They all ended with us getting into town just in time for a late dinner and stargazing. And a little unpacking. Finally made it.

Good night all! Thanks for sticking with us!

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