Friday, August 12, 2011

Pros & Cons

Alright, I will admit it . . . there are pros and cons to moving to Hawaii. I've gone over every one of them in my head, and I've heard a number of them over and over again from friends, family and strangers. Yep, strangers at the boutique, restaurants and the grocery store are willing to give their thoughts on my move.

We made our decision after careful consideration of said pros and cons. Sometimes it drives me crazy to hear people go on about what would be their concerns when I have already been torturing my brain worrying about things all on my own. So now I'm setting the record straight. I might not have all the perfect answers but trust me, I've thought about all the worries. Allow me to address some of them.

1. Cost

The number one concern I hear from everyone is that the cost of living in Hawaii is so expensive. Yes, that's true. It is expensive. So is New York City and Los Angeles, but people move there every single day with less money and not nearly as good a head on their shoulders. We will be fine.

Yes, things like bread and milk are much more expensive because of the taxes. Luckily we don't eat bread or milk, so that's covered! Houses are pricey, but hey, we'll figure it out! I know how to be frugal - I make my own laundry soap for cryin' out loud!

People worry about money all over the country. The only difference is that the sacrifices you make for cost are made up for by living in a beautiful location. Like I said before, we will make it work. We will be fine.

2. Arthritis

Yep, this is definitely one of the concerns. The question of dealing with humidity has been brought up. Also the problem of weather. When it comes to my joint pain, I react more to the changes in weather than weather in general. In Utah the dry, warm climate was perfect for my joints, but the fact that it would go from 90 degrees to 40 degrees in a matter of days was the worst. My prediction for life in Hawaii is that it might be a tough adjustment at first, but the constant weather will be good for me. We will see what happens!

The other trouble concerning my arthritis is finding a new doctor. Some of you have heard me say I've been in denial about changing doctors. I love Doc Wiz! If I could move him with me to Hawaii that would be perfect. (I'm sure he wouldn't mind either.) I finally got myself to call his office yesterday and spill the news. Sigh. It will be a pain finding someone new, someone I trust, someone I feel comfortable with. To be perfectly honest, this is my biggest concern when moving.

3. Safety

Whenever people are done talking about how expensive the island is, they almost always say something about how dangerous it is for "white people", "non-natives", to live on the island. Everyone has a story about how a friend of a friend of a friend knew someone who had a run-in with some native islanders that didn't end well. What do I have to say to that? There is danger in every city, in every state. I do my best not to judge people based on where they are from or what their skin color is. And I'm pretty sure your friend's uncle's cousin's neighbor was probably asking for it.

4. Distance From Family

This is definitely on the negative side of the list. I have enjoyed the last year spent seeing my family as much as I have. Sometimes I think I haven't taken enough advantage of the fact that we all live so close. I am desperately trying to get my loved ones together once more before the big move, if only to see these little bugs one more time . . .

Our nieces are the most important people in our world and it breaks my heart to think I won't be around as much as they are used to now. I don't want to become that aunt that they never see. I want to still be apart of their lives and I will do whatever it takes. Even if it means flying them down to visit, which I'm sure they would love to do . . .

5. Bugs.

I read the chapter in "So You Want To Live In Hawaii" about bugs. Let's just say, I'm glad we have cats that hunt flies. As long as they don't eat the poisonous bugs, we'll be fine.

6. Crashing on a mysterious island for months and having to fight "others" to survive.

7. The Sun

It's no mystery, my Irish-Scotch heritage has given me glowing, ivory skin. I'm prepared for the initial sunburn I will have once I move. It's recommended that when living in Hawaii you see a dermatologist every six months. That's not a bad idea. I'll be making sure to schedule that appointment asap.

8. Kitty Quarantine

Luckily the rules about having to quarantine your pets have changed recently, so Niki and Tesla won't have to go through the horrifying experience of being locked in an airport for three months. But they still won't be able to come with us right away. They will be staying at my parent's house until the end of November when the 90 days are up and we can finally bring them to their new home.

Tesla will be fine. She loves my mom's house and she loves the activity and the other animals.

Niki, on the other hand, might have some issues. He is so skiddish, so shy, and so attached to Mitch and me . . . and no one else. I worry about him adjusting to the change just as much as I worry about having to adjust myself. I will miss my little babies so much. And I hope I don't go crazy trying to get all their paperwork in order for when they get here. (*note to self: don't go crazy.)

9. Far away, but living in paradise. 

It will be a life changing move, but in the end I'm moving with the man I love to one of the most beautiful places I can imagine living. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that we just can't pass up. It's an adventure!

. . . and that counts for everything.


  1. I have moved many times and found that if I don't bring it up at all no one mentions it either...the pros and cons that is. If I focus on the positves things have worked out. And about that me on this WILL be getting lots and lots of house guests both expected and unexpected. For some reason whenever we have moved to a desirable location...wham....visitors up the ying yang. I suspect that will no longer be a con on your list. In fact, I bet at some point you will wish for a lull in visitors :-) Good luck and go for it!!!

  2. Haha Deb, I notice I'm all of a sudden making a TON of friends! ;-) hahaha

  3. The negatives only hold us back from all the possibilities that are in front of us. What a lucky position you are in right now to be able to make the choices you are making. I for one can't wait to read your posts about Hawaii.


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