Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Step 1: Complete

Moving sucks.

We've all done it. It's no fun at all. You have to open all the closets and cabinet doors and dig through all the junk that you've been storing away since six winters ago. You have to decide what to take and what to throw away. (And if I can be honest, the throwing away part is my favorite. I think the act of getting rid of the garbage in my life is liberating!)

But more than just dealing with crap laying around your house, you have to handle the changing of the important things. You have to call your internet provider and tell them you're moving so that you can keep blogging in your new home. You have to let your employer know you're moving and return your key to the building. And most importantly, for those of us with Rheumatoid Arthritis and other diseases/conditions/reasons to need a specialist doctor, breaking things off with your beloved Doc and beginning the search for a new one. And will your new one be any good?

Let's hope so.

Yesterday I finally got up the guts to finally head over to Doc Wiz's office and let them know about the inevitable breakup. Like I said before, I've been in a sort of denial about finding a new doctor. I'm not one to trust every doctor quickly, and I'm very particular, so when I find a doctor I like I have a hard time letting go. And, like I told Doc Wiz yesterday, I'm a little crazy so I need a doctor who is a little crazy like me.

Maybe not that crazy.

I love being able to go to my doctor and say "Hey Doc, I decided to go off all my medicine 2 months ago, you're cool with that, right?" and my doc to respond by saying "Sure, we can work with that." Or saying, "Doc the last thing I want to do is have infusions. I don't care if it's the best medicine out there, I don't want to do it!" and my doc to say "No problem. Let's talk about your options."  Or times when I come to him saying, "Well, Doc Wiz, I decided to ski some black diamond moguls the other day against better judgement and now I have swollen knees, hips and ankles." and have him respond with ". . . What ski hill?" 

I mentioned to him that, after getting to know a number of different people with RA through my blog and social networking, I've realized that there are a lot of bad rheumys out there. A lot of people end up stuck with a doctor they can't connect with, that won't listen to them and that doesn't care about their needs. Not to mention the millions of doctors out there that have so many patients they can't remember anyone's first name. 

Perhaps I should determine what doctor to go to based on how McDreamy he is. 
. . . .Or maybe I should stick with finding a female doc. Equally gorgeous.

After talking it out with Doc Wiz, I feel alright about the move. Confident that he will stick with me and take care of me while I'm in the transition period between doctors, I can stress a little less about the switch.

I realize this is a struggle that people go through every day, and for me it's the hardest part of the move. I'm dreading the months of interviewing new doctors, trying to decide if he or she is going to be a good choice for the long haul. Then having to go through my entire medical history in full detail. UGH. Can you say boring and tedious? But it's important stuff. It has to be mentioned. Maybe I could just video tape myself giving the run-down once and then have perspective docs watch it later. That would save me a lot of jaw pain from all the talking.

It's going to be a long road, and I'm not sure I'll survive. I asked everyone working at Doc Wiz's office if they would mind moving the office to Hawaii, and they were all down for that, so I'll continue to work on that. Doc Wiz also said he would take on the burden of flying first class to make house-calls on Oahu, so I might have to hold him to it. That is until I find a genius doctor I can trust with my life.

For those of you looking for a rheumatoogist doctor in Whatcom County, WA, I highly recommend Dr. David Wisner (A.K.A. Doc Wiz) at Mount Baker Rheumatology. His office is small and comfortable. Only a couple of doctors there, and Angela does the infusions right there in the office. Amazing people!

Mt Baker Rheumatology Center - Dr. Wisner
500 Birchwood Ave # C
Bellingham, WA 98225

If you have gone through a move and switching doctors, how did you make it work? Any tips for those of us searching for a great rheumatologist? 

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  1. I have always been blessed with finding great doctors but have hit a big roadblock here in my new home. Now I have been under the "care" of an ra doc but I loosely use that term as I have only seen them once or was it twice in like two years. His assistant keeps refilling my scripts by phone. I won't even go there as I know, I know but my quest is coming up with 0 and I have tried all my old tactics to uncover the gem. Now I have to fess up that I have not consistently done this challenge as you have said...it IS exhausting. I will say that one tip I uncovered along this journey here that I don't have on my long hit list of how to find a great doctor is to ask every single nurse you run into. They know doctors like no others and have their own secret society (just kidding here) with all doc details enscribed in stone. And chances are if a nurse is a kind, caring soul...she/he knows kind caring doctors which is what your current...uh...past...doc sounds like. Good luck on this new journey. Moving DOES have some wonderful things going for it. Yes, there are a few bumps to handle like finding new docs but hey...you ARE moving to the big island and that alone would seem to outweigh any drawbacks.


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