Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Traveling With Enbrel

We're back in Bellingham and going going going nonstop! Have I mentioned how much I hate moving? Even with a moving and relocation company helping us, I still hate it. Because even though they are coming to pack our stuff for us, I still find myself turning my apartment upside down . . . like this . . .

I am trying to pack as much stuff as I can fit into two checked bags. We have a very large bag (one that Mitch could fit into) and a regular sized bag. Both duffel bags. Both currently filled to the point where the zippers are about to bust open.

Besides packing my entire wardrobe, we spent the day running around town, following up with errands that needed to be done before tomorrow. Because tomorrow . . . that's when the storm blows in.

The bank, the post office, the landlord's office, etc. Then to the office of my buddy Doc Wiz to pick up my special note that allows me to travel with my Enbrel.

When going on a plane ride, you have to take some extra steps to bring your Enbrel injections on board. First of all, you have to get your special traveling case, which you normally get when you first begin your Enbrel treatment. Then, you get your doctor to fill out and sign a little note to give to the TSA. This note lets them know the you have needles that are used for medication, and TSA regulations allow you to bring them on board.

Once you get to Airport Security, show them the note and you should be able to pass on through quickly. And when you get on the plane (which you should take advantage when they make the announcement that people who "need extra time" to board for this reason), you gotta let the flight attendants know that you have Enbrel and that it needs to be refrigerated. They should then take your bag of shots and put it in the nice cold box with the ice.


Then you try your best to relax on the plane ride. And that's what I get to look forward to.


  1. you shouldn't need a doctor's note for the enbrel. I have taken my humira thru airport security with no issues. the most you should have to show is the prescription on the box. be careful when you give the enbrel to the flight attendent...they use dry ice on the plane which may make it freeze if its too close. have a safe journey...tricia

  2. I am moving to UAE in August and one of my biggest concerns has been flying with 3 months worth of enbrel on my person...

  3. Teri, I've traveled with Enbrel for years, so if you have any questions email me.

  4. Lyda, I have a customer traveling with Enbrel and she is a nervous wreck. I have never had a customer travel with Enbrel before so this is new to me. What does she need to do to ensure she has no issues when flying, etc.? You can e-mail me if you'd like: adam@chkc.travel

    Thank you so much!

  5. I will be relocating to Abu Dhabi in April and I am an Enbrel patient. Can someone inform me about the situation which I may come across during the custom check in Abu Dhabi?
    Thank you,

  6. Kymberleigh RichardsMay 2, 2014 at 12:37 PM

    My Enbrel travel pack came with one of those reusable ice packs that fits in the cover.

    Since Amgen now says you can keep Enbrel at room temperature for up to 14 days (but you can't refrigerate it again if you do) apparently the ice pack will keep it cool enough without needing to have the flight attendants refrigerate it during flight.


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