Monday, September 19, 2011

Aches and Pains

Moving is a big pain. It's exhausting and stressful to start all over again. And for those of us with autoimmune diseases, we feel it harder than most.

Over the years, I've noticed that when I stress it not only affects the little sanity I have, but it also affects my joints. Joint pain and low energy are always present when life gets crazy. Funny enough, I often don't realize how mentally stressed I am until I take time to notice how I feel physically. Sounds a little weird, right? But often when I have any sort of joint pain Mitch and I sit and talk about what's going on in our lives - work, money, family, diet change, anything that could possibly be the culprit. Often we figure it's most likely a combination.

Diet change . . . that's something that's kind of a bummer when it comes to moving. It's hard to stick to your strict food preferences when you're in flux. Not to mention, when we were sick with that cold, all you want is food that is comforting. (That cold is still holding on for dear life. I've heard from multiple people that it lasts for over a month!) So between moving and clinging on to life, our paleo diet was sacrificed, and let me tell you, I can tell the difference.

My right knee pain the last week has been making me wonder if it's from the stress of moving and unpacking, or from the fact that grains and dairy have been hanging around for a while. Again, it's probably a combination.

So what do you do? Try to relax when your home is in shambles? Force yourself to stop desiring ice cream on a hot day? I guess so . . . wish me luck.

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