Friday, September 23, 2011


It was an exhausting day yesterday. The lack of blog was due to this little guy . . .

Yesterday morning I got the call that every parent dreads . . .

The worst nightmare . . .

Niki ran away.

My little baby got a little too adventurous. And then got himself chased around by my mom's two dogs. And then went on a little adventure, giving his mother (me) a 24-hour panic attack. He was missing. He wouldn't come when called. He might have run underneath the deck. He might be hiding in the bushes. He might have run father away than the property. No one really knew, and it caused me to sob and cry "WHYYYYY?!"


My sweet little baby, who has never been outside before, doesn't know his surroundings at all, and let's face it, is a little on the slow-side. Will he know how to get back home? Will he hear Tesla crying from the window? Will he get picked up by an owl at night? Oh my sanity was nowhere to be seen.

I could only think of what life would be like without him. . . and I didn't like the look of it. I can hardly remember what life was like before he came around, before we adopted that little mangled, black and white kitten with giant feet. How unhappy Tesla was when she found out that we brought in a new little brother for her. But soon, they became friends. They love each other so much. Even now, when they are away from us and in a new, strange place, they still sleep snuggled together.


How could we all go on without the little guy?

After an entire day of my mother searching and calling him in between clients, my dad pulling up boards on the deck, tearing things apart to search for my little baby (I can't imagine what it looks like now, and I can't thank my dad enough for working so hard to find him, even when he's not much of a cat lover), both of them alerting the neighbors to our missing cat, me sitting in Hawaii crying my eyes out, the day turned to night. And after everything that they had done, we all just needed to wait and see if he would come in on his own.

The problem with Niki is that when he is scared, really scared, there is nothing that will get him to come out from his hiding place. It wouldn't have mattered if I was there, my voice would not lure him out. The only way to get him out of hiding is to either physically pluck him from his spot, or let him calm down and make his own way. And since no one had any idea where he was, that's what we had to do. Wait.

And luckily . . . eventually . . . it worked.

He was back. And I could finally sleep.

This whole, horrible event made me realize how much I love my family. I love my kitties and I love my parents for working so hard to take care of them. I can't imagine life without any of them.

And Niki, if you ever run away again, I will be so mad at you.

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  1. Awwwww....poor baby! I have a kitty that also like to hide when she is mad or frightened and nothing will get her out. My heart was beating fast until the end of this post...phewwwww....he made it back! Loved the photos. He looks like a huggable teddy bear :-) I can only imagine your poor parents frantic searching. First their worry about him and second their worry about what you might do if he wasn't found. But, I am glad the family is all back together again, dreaming sweetly of the day you all reunite.


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