Friday, September 16, 2011

I Forgot . . .

So yesterday I went on and on about my cold and I let you know that I arrived in Hawaii somewhat in one piece. Sort of.

Well since I was so excited to be on the internet, and to complain about this damned cold, I forgot to fill you in on some interesting events of the last few days.

Let's begin with the flight that brought us from Bellingham to Seattle. Nothing spectacular, just a cute little WSU plane that flew us in, Mitch's Alama Mater. (Is that the right wording? I don't even know, I'm an idiot sometimes.)

Wish they offered cocktails at 7 in the morning, but whatever.

Another important, but sad moment in the trip, was the destruction of my faithful laptop.

Because Alaska Airlines made me use their "A La Carte" system, my laptop, which was packed in my suitcase for carry-on use only, was smashed. Luckily, the people at Alaska are so nice that they are going to pay to either have it fixed or replaced. (We'll find out how nice they are if they stick to their word.) But that means for now I am using Mitch's gargantuan laptop. (It's huge compared to my sweet little Eee netbook.) This was one of the few times I've ever been sad for an inanimate object.

I would show you pictures of the new apartment, but it's in shambles at the moment. Literally, boxes stacked in multiple places, crap thrown around willy-nilly, and just general chaos. Here's a preview. . .

Yikes. And that's after two days of work.

For now, I'll just show you a picture of the beautiful beach we live on.

Ahh. Lovely.

We also took a trip down to Koolina Resort, on the other side of the island, near where Mitch works. There are these four manmade lagoons, absolutely beautiful and awesome to swim in. I'm not a big ocean swimmer, but it's just so nice out there I had to enjoy it. (And I better get used to ocean swimming, I guess.)

They recently opened up a Disney hotel there, so if you gots you some kids, bring 'em on over.

We also snuck over to see something really cool . . .

The ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

It's dry-docked - looks like they might be doing some updates to it, maybe. I'm assuming they'll have it open for viewing soon since they just opened that Disney resort. Who knows, though. Anyone know about it? It was pretty dang cool to see, though.

We also drove by Mitch's new office.

And we laughed at a truck we were following on the highway.

(I'm sure those 8 cyllinders don't hurt, either.)

I also spent a good amount of time the last few days reading books on my Kindle. Let me just say, that little piece of technology saved me from going insane while I sat alone during the day for two weeks. I managed to finish three different books, one of which being The Help. I loved it, and saw the movie right after I finished. Also liked the movie.

Other than that we've just been enjoying the many spleandor things around us. Like giant, green mountains. And the beach. Oh the beach! But for now, instead of going to the beach, I must finish unpacking. Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. What's wrong With what it says?? I love it! God Is My king. Unless Your Not a God Lover?


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