Thursday, September 29, 2011

Island Worries

Some might say there are no worries in Islandville. I got 'em. And they have to do with RA. Ick.

The beach is a wonderful place. Sand, sun, ocean. Ahh. But this past weekend I had the weird moment of not wanting to put on my swim suit because . . .

I had a bruise from my Enbrel.

Oh shush. Quit your laughing.

Yeah, it might be small enough that no one else would notice, but to me it's like a big black and blue X on my stomach saying "I have arthritis, I had to give myself a shot last night, and it hurt really bad." Laugh all you want, but I know there are others out there who get that same feeling. It might seem like such a minimal thing to worry about, but it's a self conscious thing. I like to forget that I have arthritis as much as I can. But when it's staring at me in the mirror, I just want to cover up and hide. Even if it's just a little bruise.

Alright, if you're done laughing at me we'll move on . . .

The other beauty/ick of the beach is walking on that soft, gorgeous, powdery sand. Ah, how lovely it is to wiggle your toes in the floury, white, cloud-like sand. The problem is walking any distance in it. If you have ever tried running in the dry sand, you know how hard it works your legs. Your feet sink in with every step. When walking along the beach, my knee pain is doubled because of the extra effort it takes to move my legs. The farther I walk, the harder each step becomes. Add trying to keep up with your long legged spouse and it's even more difficult.

It's awful because I so love walking on the beach!

It's these situations that you don't think about until you're in the middle of it. And no one ever warns you about them. So here I am, with extra knee pain, a healing bruise from last Friday's shot, and I have to do it all over again today. Sigh. I guess if you're gonna be in pain, you might as well be somewhere beautiful.

I also could stop eating strawberry ice cream. That might help too.

But who wants to give up walks on the beach and ice cream? I know I don't!

So that's the end of my complaining. Because after all it's Friday. There are beaches to see and even if my knees kill me, it won't stop me from enjoying the wonders of the ocean. And I love ice cream.

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  1. If you are like me, that strawberry ice cream is worth the pain for a while. Then you get to a point that you just know you can't do it anymore. Enjoy it while you can! Moving is a huge stress too, even under the best of circumstances which can affect those joints. Maybe once the cats are home you will feel some relief. I hope you have better days soon.

    Oh, and I totally can relate to the Enbrel shot bruise. I don't do the stomach, but in the summer, it is a constant reminder on my leg. Yuck!

  2. ((hugs)) I can totally relate, though as I've gotten older I find I care a lot less. :) Since I got my feet fixed, they look almost normal and it's nice not to feel compelled to bury my feet in the sand to hide them. Walking on the beach is less bothersome since I got the hips replaced, but it's still difficult. (Did we marry the same long-legged guy? lol)

    The Enbrel doesn't always bruise, but I wear longer shorts in summer just in case.

    The biggest thing is the hip replacement scars. For a while I wore boy-short swim suits to cover them - which I think you're supposed to do anyway to protect them from the sun. But now I wear a regular swim suit and let 'em show. IMO our scars and bruises are badges of honor. Anyone who has a problem looking at them, well, they're the ones with the problem, not us. :)


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